Weekend Steals, 1/27

Happy Saturday! This morning we’re up earlier than normal for brunch at a friend’s house and my parents arrive this afternoon! Yes, we did just see them over Christmas, but my dad was sick and couldn’t hold or play with Owen, so they booked a trip to come up to see us. Honestly, this week has been a week and I’m so happy they’ll be here for a few days.

I shared on Instagram, but if you missed it, we took an online sleep class on Sunday and have been implementing our new skills all week. If you want to hear more about it, it’s saved on my ‘Highlights’ under ‘Motherhood’ on Instagram. The class is Taking Cara Babies newborn class, and is pretty short, which means you can start using the tips immediately. The first night, I was able to stretch Owen’s sleep for an additional two hours and the next night, he slept nearly 9 hours! I wish I could say every day has been the same, but we’re still working on it and every night is different. But, I feel like we finally have real tips that work and that makes me feel so much more confident going into every night.

Tonight, Rob and I are going out for our very first date night without Owen since he was born. My parents are babysitting and we’re going to see a concert downtown which should be really fun. I just hope I can stay awake!

Lastly, I rounded up some great sale picks this week and a few have a warm weather vibe to them because it’s been on my mind lately. We’re going to Miami in mid-February and I cannot wait! It hasn’t even been that cold, but spending time in the sun is just what I need.

P.S. Sorry for last week’s email that went out empty. I think there’s a glitch because it shouldn’t have sent out, but either way, I apologize—I hate sending you extra emails (don’t we already get enough?!)! Hope you enjoy today’s round up!

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