Weekend Steals, 12/9

gifts under $50

I have to admit that I’m a little sad this week is over. Not that I don’t love the weekend, but having my sister here to help out all week was amazing. Sadly, now she’s back in Atlanta.

While I loved having her here, it is nice to get back into our regular routine with just the three of us! Rob was home yesterday and helped out by picking up lunch and taking Oliver to his yearly vet appointment. It’s help with those little things and errands that make it so nice to have him around for an extra day each week.

This weekend is bound to be a lazy one. But, aren’t they all when you have a newborn? Rob’s Christmas party was last night and he went for a bit while I stayed home. It would have been fun to go, but I probably would have been exhausted by 8pm. Instead, I rented “It’s Complicated”, a movie I love because I love Meryl Streep’s house and job, and curled up on the couch with a glass of red wine while Owen napped. We’re really working to get him on a regular schedule and the night time naps are a struggle. From 7-11 he just wants to keep those eyes open and hang out! He naps great during the day, but any tips for the evening nap?

Lastly, I’m working on my holiday shopping this weekend. After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I gave up for a bit, but now that our tree is decorated and things are feeling more festive, I figure it’s time! Today’s featured steals are all gifts under $50 and would make for some pretty awesome gifts! I’m excited about this post, especially after sharing tips for how to save money during the holidays.  I hope you have a great weekend!

Gifts Under $50

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