12 Long Sleeve Black Dresses Perfect for Holiday Parties

black dress outfit

Floral Print Dress, wearing a small | Newbury Boots, also love this pair and this pair | Tassel Clutch | Western Belt, wearing S/M | Locket & Compass Necklace from Monica Rich Kosann | Mini Gold Hoops Earrings

Something you may not know about me? I HATE being cold. When winter hits, I have the heat pumping pretty much all day until we go to bed. Even though we’ve lived here 8 years, I’m still not used to it, at least not right when the season starts!

Which is why I love long sleeve dresses! Weirdly, if my arms are warm, my whole body feels warmer! I can handle my legs out a bit, but when top half of me is cold, I’m miserable!

black dress outfit fall
black dress outfit fall
black dress outfit

Why Black is Great for Holidays

I know—black might not be the first color you think of when getting dressed for the holidays, but hear me out!

It’s classic, versatile and will never go out of style. I love a festive pop of color as much as the next one, but when I buy clothes now, one thing I always consider is “can I wear this again?” or “would I want to wear this again?!”. If the answer is no, then I typically pass. Every once and a while I just fall in love with a statement dress and I can’t NOT get it, but you just can’t go wrong with a beautiful black dress.

Long Sleeve Black Dresses

My sister wore this gorgeous black sweater dress a few weekends ago at my other sister’s engagement party and it was so gorgeous. Nothing crazy, but so elegant! And, easy to dress up or down depending on what you need.

black dress winter
black dress casual
black dress winter

How to Make it More Holiday Ready

Festive Shoes

Shoes are easily my favorite accessory and I think it’s such a fun way to show off a little bit of your personality. You can incorporate colors, textures and patterns here to make it your own! I always love suede and velvet for winter. I’m also loving snakeskin!

And, a deep red is ALWAYS a good idea for the holidays. I actually find that this color is pretty perfect through all of fall and winter because it adds just the perfect amount of color to neutral outfits.

Festive Earrings & Accessories

When it comes to jewelry and accessories, I’m more of a minimalist. Most of my earrings, necklaces and bracelets are gold, silver or tortoise. I stick with the same few dainty necklaces most days and then switch out my earrings to change it up!

black dress
black dress outfit winter

Festive Bag

Last–a pretty, holiday bag can really tie the whole outfit together!

Again, I tend to stick with items I already have when it comes to bags because I’d rather invest in a couple of nice ones than have a bunch of cheaper ones. A black crossbody, leopard clutch or simple grey clutch like I have here will get you far for the holidays and any dressy occasion.

I do love a pretty red bag for this time of year! Or a cool dark green velvet!

I’m not even sure what holiday parties we have this year, but I’m excited! What parties do you typically have—work, family, friends?!

BTW, how to wear a sequin skirt, and 2 festive ways to dress for the holidays.

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