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3 Foolproof Tips for Keeping Hydrangeas Alive for Weeks on End

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One thing that I love having around the house is fresh flowers. There’s just something that makes your home feel cozy, alive and welcoming when there are fresh flowers. But, buying bouquets each week can be expensive. My favorites to have around the house are white hydrangeas.

I love the crisp white, the big bulbous blooms and best of all? They can last me 2-3 weeks which makes them one of the most affordable fresh flowers for me to buy every so often.

So, what’s the trick? I’ve heard from people that keeping flowers alive is such a challenge, so they end up being fake flowers instead. Which is a totally fine option, but if you’re ready to become a little bit more of a green thumb, these tips will show you exactly how to keep hydrangeas alive and thriving for weeks on end.

I was at one of my friend’s houses a few weeks ago and she had a vase full of hydrangeas that were all wilted and she was lamenting the fact that she had just bought them that morning and they already looked terrible—even though she’d trimmed the stems. I asked if I could use my tricks on them, which she happily obliged and she said the next morning she came down and they looked brand new.

I’m serious guys, these tricks are foolproof, so easy and don’t require and special tools or pennies.

3 Foolproof Tips for Keeping Hydrangeas Alive for Weeks on End

Buy As Fresh as Possible

My go-to spot for buying hydrangeas is Trader Joe’s. I’ve heard from an inside source that they get fresh flowers delivered every single day. That means their flowers are very fresh! If you go to a place where people aren’t buying flowers often, you never know how long they’ve been sitting there before you bring them home.

The other reason I love TJ’s for flowers is that they’re not that expensive. I can buy a few bunches of hydrangeas for $15 and put them all over my house. And, when they end up lasting me 2-3 weeks, that’s absolutely worth it for me. I call it self-care.

Trim Stems & Remove Leaves

When I get home, the first thing I do is remove the lower leaves on my flowers. You never want the leaves to be in the water. I find that it grows bacteria and makes the water get nasty and makes flowers not last as long. You don’t have to remove all the leaves, but absolutely get rid of those lower leaves!

I also trim the stems at an angle about an inch to an inch and a half up, or higher if you’re using a lower vase. I don’t go crazy because I know that I’ll end up trimming them again in the next few weeks, so take that into consideration when trimming!

Use Warm Water

When filling your vase, start with warm water. Some people will tell you to use boiling water. Personally that feels a bit aggressive. Like wouldn’t boiling water shock the stems and possibly kill them? I haven’t used that strategy myself, and find that warm water works wonders.

So, fill your vase with warm water and don’t skimp! Hydrangeas drink a lot of water, so make sure there’s plenty of water!

What to Do When They Start Wilting

Once you have your hydrangeas in their happy home they should be good for a few days to a week before you need to give them a little more love. When you notice them starting to look a little sad and wilted, that’s your sign to refresh the stems and water.

Remove them from the vase and get rid of any dead leaves, then trim the stems another inch at an angle. Get rid of the old water and fill it up with, you guessed it, warm water. Within a few hours, they should bounce back.

If they haven’t, there’s a chance your flowers were maybe on the older side to start.

Over the next few weeks, continue to repeat this process as they get wilted, and check every few days to make sure your flowers have plenty of water.

That’s it! No pennies, no boiling water, no slicing the stems all the way up the middle. I’m not saying those don’t work, but it’s an extra step that in my experience is not needed.

I hope this helps you keep your hydrangeas flourishing for longer!

BTW, DIY flower arrangements for under $40, and how to grow a patio garden.



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