5 Ways to Make Clients Happier

Today’s post is written by contributor Chelsea Becker, a San Diego native, living and writing in San Francisco. Follow her on Instagram & Pinterest.

Whether working for yourself or in a corporate role that involves clients, it’s always important to feel like people are happy with your work. After all, that usually impacts your own success and happiness, right? It can also be a major contributor to your income depending on what your job is. Bottom line, clients are paying for your service in some way, so it’s smart to make sure they’re happy with the work you’re providing.

Though each situation is unique, there are a handful of commonalities that can improve the happiness of your clients. Here are five that I’ve noticed along the way.

Good Communication

Just like any relationship, communication is the key to success. When you’re first working with a new client, assess how they best communicate and use that platform as much as possible. Are they big emailers? Do they seem to like texts better? Respect a old-fashion phone call? Make things easy by using the line of communication that best fits with their natural work-flow (as long as it’s not texts in the middle of the night or something crazy – you deserve your sleep!).

Personal Touches

You want to keep a professional vibe going, so telling your clients about every detail of your life isn’t cool. But that doesn’t mean you can’t create personal moments that make a client feel special (because they are!). Sending hand-written notes on birthdays or around big occasions is totally appropriate and is a sweet gesture without getting too personal. Flowers or a bottle of wine is a nice ‘thank you’ at the end of your time working together or to celebrate a year of their support.

Go Above and Beyond

Even if it’s not part of your responsibility, if you see an article a client might relate to, send it to them. If you’re on the way to a meeting and are grabbing a coffee, ask your client if they want one, too. If you see an area of their business that might be improved by an idea, share it. Come up with little things that can improve the client’s project, role, or life; it’ll go a long way.

Set Clear Expectations

To make the experience happy for both sides, set expectations and make those well-known to your client. Clearly state and share your duties and goals with each project from the start. It’s also a good idea to create a working document that the client can check at all times. This should show your current status on projects and specific details pertaining to the job (social stats, inventory, whatever). You can also think about using a project management system like Asana or Trello if it’s a smaller company.

Do your Job Well

This might seem obvious, but your client is paying you hard-earned money to do your job. Even if your client is a major corporation, you want to develop a good reputation in your industry, and you do this by working hard. Be kind, do your thing, and your client is bound to develop a positive attitude towards you.

If you have clients yourself, how do you keep things smooth? If you have been a client, what’s stood out to you?

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