My Current Diet & Supplements

Okay guys, it’s here! I’ve gotten so many requests for this post and I’m sorry it took me so long to get to it. We were traveling, my sister is currently in town and we had to find an apartment this week. We found out last night, we got the one we looked at yesterday and I’m so relieved that the hunt is over and excited for a new home. But, not excited to pack and actually move.

Anyway, onto today’s post. When I’m excited about something, I’m not someone to wait around to do it. So, as soon as my appointments with the functional medicine and clinical nutrition doctors were done, I jumped in head first. I was so excited about learning all that information and finally having really tangible data to turn into a tailored treatment plan for my body.

I immediately ordered the recommended supplements and stopped by the grocery to get some of the foods that the dietician had suggested. Sometimes I hate going to the grocery store, but this visit was pretty fun. I found myself in aisles I didn’t know existed and looking for unique products and ingredients and snacks I’d never bought before!

Before I get into what I’m doing, I have to start by saying that this is not a suggestion or recommendation for what you should do. I’m not a doctor and this treatment plan was created by my doctors after analyzing my blood work and adrenal saliva test.

What works for my body, might not work for yours, but I wanted to share what I’m doing so you can get a better idea of what a functional medicine doctor would recommend and how the changes fit easily into my lifestyle! I did link to some supplements, but these are not the exact brands that I’m using—I ordered mine through FullScripts, but just wanted to give you some ideas!

What a Typical Day Looks Like

7:00am Wake Up

I wake up jus a little before Owen (sometimes he’s already awake!) and change him. After he’s ready for the morning, I prep a bottle for him and make myself a cup of hot water with a Tbsp of apple cider vinegar and a pinch of cinnamon. The vinegar helps with digestion when you drink it on an empty stomach. I also love the way it tastes! With cinnamon in it, it sort of tastes like warm apple cider!

Since I usually don’t get a chance to actually eat breakfast until an hour or so after we wake up, so it’s nice to get something in my stomach early. After I feed Owen, I pump and then start making breakfast.

8-8:30am Breakfast & Morning Supplements

For breakfast, I always make sure I’m getting in a PCF meal. That means my breakfast contains protein, carbs and fat. Thankfully, I love breakfast and I’ve always eaten big breakfasts!

Carbohydrates give me a quick burst of glucose and having a fat and protein aids in slowing that breakdown of carbs into sugar which helps keep my blood sugar levels even. My two go-to breakfasts are a quinoa kale bowl and this avocado toast. Lately I’ve been just doing a more simple breakfast and frying two eggs, two chicken sausages, 1/2 avocado and sautéed spinach and mushrooms with a spoon of detox pesto. I’m sharing the recipe for the detox recipe next week and it is SO good!

After breakfast, I take my supplements and vitamins. The first is 1/4 teaspoon of licorice root extract, which tastes awful, but it’s it’s anti-inflammatory, helps with gut health and is helping manage my cortisol levels and is making me feel more awake in the mornings. Ideally, I’d love to get to a point where I’m waking up at 6:30 or even 6am to have some quiet time before Owen even wakes up, but we’re not quite there yet!

I also take Vitamin D drops and mix it into a small glass of orange juice or in my earlier morning drink. You can’t taste that one so it’s easy. For three weeks I did 10 drops and now I take 5 drops.

Lastly, I still take a prenatal vitamin since I’m pumping, as well as Legendairy Milk supplements to boost milk production and quality. I’m currently taking Milkapalooza, Pump Princess and Liquid Gold. I take two of each every day (so 6 total), and take two in the morning, two in the afternoon and two at night.

11am Morning Snack

The biggest change in my diet isn’t really what I’m eating, but more the frequency in which I eat. I’m now eating several snacks throughout the day to help keep my blood sugar even. It’s made a big difference in how I feel too! I’m less foggy, and more energized and alert.

For this morning snack, I usually have 1/3 an avocado on a brown rice cake sprinkled with the Trader Joe’s Everything But the Bagel seasoning. Have you tried that stuff? It is SO good! I also have a hard-boiled egg for some protein!

If we’re out, I’ll grab a smoothie! On Tuesdays, I usually get a smoothie after my workout and I love the Fly Girl from Real Good Juice Co. It’s got avocado, protein, kale and other great stuff!

12:30-1 Lunch

Usually I try to have some veggie-packed soup on hand that’s also got protein in the form of meat or legumes. To get in the fats, I’ll have a slice of toast (we like 12 grain bread from Whole Foods’ bakery) with half of a smashed avocado, salt and pepper.

I also make grain bowls a lot with whatever we have on hand. I almost always have quinoa, roasted veggies and pulled chicken on hand which makes it easy to through them together in a pinch. Adding a few slices of avocado adds some healthy fats and makes it a pretty perfect meal!

Between lunch and my snack, I take two more of the Legendairy Milk supplements and also another supplement to help manage my adrenal fatigue.

4-4:30pm Afternoon Snack

I have another PCF snack in the afternoon usually just after our afternoon walk with Oliver. In a pinch I’ll have some beef jerky (this one is my favorite right now!), these sprouted pumpkin seeds, these crunchy chickpeas or a RX Bar.

Another yummy snack is a banana with some peanut butter—Justin’s is the best!

6pm Pre-Dinner Snack

It seems funny to have a snack this close to dinner, but Owen’s nighttime routine starts at 6:30 and usually is done by 7:30, so we typically don’t eat dinner until 8. If I hadn’t eaten since 3, I’d be feeling crappy! So, I have a snack, or appetizer around this time. Usually a few flackers with hummus and an apple or a tortilla with hummus and turkey rolled up.

I have been trying to get dinner prepped during his last nap so we don’t eat quite so late and if I can. If I do that, I don’t always have that last snack. Honestly, sometimes I’m just not hungry then!

7:30-8pm Dinner

We switch up dinner, but always make sure I’m getting a balanced meal with a good grain like wild or brown rice or quinoa, a lean protein and lots of veggies.

After dinner, I have my third supplement—2 Tbsp of cod liver oil. I was sure this stuff was going to taste awful, but surprisingly it doesn’t! The one I have has a light lemon flavor and it totally easy to take. Cod liver gives me extra fat and omega-3s, which I was lacking. It helps keep me full, is anti-inflammatory, boosts my immune system and promotes healing which can be great for skin problems like mine.

zucchini noodle and corn salad

Just Before Bed

Lastly, I take two tablets of a Cortisol Manager before I go to bed. Since my cortisol levels had no curve throughout the day, these are suppose to aid in managing the production and release of cortisol. I take them at night so I don’t get cortisol spikes while I sleep, which would wake you up! Lastly, I take the last two Legendairy Milk supplements.

How I’m Feeling Now

I’ll be the first to admit, everyday is NOT perfect. There are plenty of days where we get going and I realize I’ve forgotten to have a snack, or I end up eating lunch much later than anticipated. There’s also too many days that I open the fridge and don’t have many ingredients.

When I’m being consistent about eating at the right times, I feel so much better. I’m less foggy, have a lot more energy throughout the day, and I’m sleeping lightyears better at night! It feels so nice to wake up after a full night of sleep feeling more rested. I still feel tired some mornings, but I don’t feel like I’m dragging myself out of deep sleep after waking up multiple times in the night. My skin is slowly improving and my stomach and digestion has also improved!

I still have a long way to go, but I know I’m making progress and that makes me so happy! Through this process, I’ve realized that stress is still the root cause of a lot of my problems and working on managing my stress is something I’m focusing on a lot right now. It’s actually what inspired this month’s theme of wellness! I’ll be talking more about what triggers my stress and how I’m dealing with it in a post later this month.

I’d love to hear about your health journey, what you’re trying, what’s working and what you want to try!

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