7 Things I Always Have in My Diaper Bag

When Owen was first born, I used to stuff my diaper bag full of every imaginable thing I might need for our outings. For the most part, I’d only use a small fraction of what I packed. As he’s gotten older, he requires less, but I also have removed a lot of the “what if” items like bandaids, nail clippers, nose sucker bulb, burp clothes and 4 extra bottles. 

Usually we’re only out for a couple of hours at a time, and if something came up and I really need, I’d rather just head home early to get it instead of lugging it all around! Here’s what we keep in our diaper bag on a regular basis these days!

1. Diapers & Swim Diapers

We haven’t attempted potty training just yet, so for now, diapers are a must. I always keep at least 3 in there. I’ve never gone through all three, but I like to have 1 extra, just for emergencies. 

In the summer, I keep a swim diaper in our bag as well for trips to the splash pad. We love the Little Swimmers—they work great and are disposable which is easier for me in the city. 

2. Wipes

Owen, like plenty of kids, has really sensitive skin. We’ve been using these sensitive wipes for as long as I can remember. They’re also great for wiping his face and hands down after a particularly messy meal. 

3. Snacks

Snacks—all of the snacks!! This is the item I double check before we leave, because leaving without a snack can end in disaster. Our go-tos are Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies, Happy Tot pouches and Plum Organics Might Snack bars

I love that I can order all of these from Walmart and have them delivered to our door. Walmart has a huge variety of snacks and other toddler food, as well as formula if you’re still in that phase! Having it delivered is so much easier than having to run out to the store every time you’re out too, AND, their shipping is always quick! Besides snacks, Walmart has everything you need for your baby and toddler here!

4. Bib

Now that Owen’s old enough to eat real food when we’re at restaurants, we’ve found it so helpful to keep a silicone bib in our diaper bag. Why? Well, surprise! He’s not the cleanest eater and when we forget it, his shirt is usually covered in marinara sauce! The guy loves marinara! Any bib is better than nothing, but from our experience the bibs that catch the food that drops are the best!. 

After he’s done, I dump any excess food and wipe it clean with a wipe and we’re done!

5. Water Bottle

We’ve tried so many different water bottles, but we still love the weighted straw one for when we’re on the go. It rarely leaks and doesn’t spill so it makes it pretty perfect for when we’re out.

For now, we’ll save practicing out of a real cup for home!

6. Small Toys

I don’t like bringing a ton of toys with us, but if we’re going out to lunch, it’s 100% necessary and makes the meal so enjoyable. Owen is really into cars and so we snagged a set of small Hot Wheels cars that we can pop into the bag. He will play with them quietly at the table for so long! Crayons and paper are also a great idea and easy to pack in your bag!

7. Extra Set of Clothes

This is something I did when he was really little (hello, diaper blowouts), and I’ve started packing an extra set of clothes because so often we go to the park and he goes into the water at the splash pad fully clothed. Somedays I just strip him down to his diaper for the ride home, but if we’re going somewhere after, it’s good to have a backup!

What items do you always keep in your diaper bag? Anything I’m forgetting?!

Thanks to Walmart, a brand I love and trust, for sponsoring this post. Thank you for supporting the brands that make The Fox & She possible!

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