Our Guest Bath Refresh for Under $125

Shower Curtain | Bath Mat, similar (we already had this) | Towels | Two-Tone Basket | Toothbrush Holder/Planter

This isn’t news, but we’ve been living in rentals for the entirety of our 7 years of Chicago. Five rentals in 7 years to be exact.

But, after this last move, I’d just lost motivation. I was sick of putting effort, time and money into a place that we’d only be living in for a year or two. As much as I love nesting and decorating, I was just over it.

It was fun for a while—every few years we’d move into a new place, new neighborhood and the decorating process would begin all over again! Getting to put our mark on our home is something I typically love. But, for whatever reason, I struggled to get excited about it on apartment number five.


But a few weeks ago, I got strangely re-motivated. I’m going to give Chris Loves Julia and Yellow Brick Home credit. They’re two of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow. They both do a ton of amazing home DIYs and they freaking rock at it! Since we don’t have a house of our own, I’m currently living vicariously through their projects until I can do it myself.

One area that’s particularly lackluster in our place was Owen’s bathroom. It’s actually the shower I use too because our master bath shower is weird—you can’t change the temperature and it’s either scalding or not warm enough.

After a full morning of tidying and cleaning, I got motivated to fluff this bathroom up just a bit—without spending a ton of money.

Owen went down for a nap and I ran over to World Market, grabbed a few new things—a shower curtain, new towels and a few little accessories to spruce it up! Total I spent about $125 (I lost the original receipt so I’m not 100% sure, but it was definitely under $125).

It’s not a mega makeover. I mean, if we owned this place, you know I’d be ripping out these tan tiles and lame brown vanity and changing the paint color, etc., but we don’t! So, this will suffice for now! I’ve been surprised at how these little changes have made such a big impact in our small guest bath!

Do you have any areas of your house that need a refresh? Could you do it for under $125? Under $500 for a larger space?!

BTW, our living room reveal and new sectional, and look for less: boho living room.

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