A Fun Weekend Tradition

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Every weekend we have a little tradition—we buy donuts. For as much as preach about eating a healthy diet and living a balanced lifestyle, I’m only human and can’t be perfect all the time. I love donuts, they’re definitely my weakness. Hot coffee and a donut on Saturday or Sunday morning? Hell, yes.

Now that it’s warm outside, this weekend morning routine is my favorite! After Owen’s first nap, we pack up the stroller, leash Oliver up and head outside for a family stroll.

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I love the feeling of the sun warming my body and melting any stress from the week away. Summer mornings remind me to look around and soak up the beauty of the city during this time of year. The trees are so green, all the flowers are in bloom and everything feels so peaceful. My personal mindfulness challenge on these walks is to notice something new every time we go. I used to do this when we lived downtown and I found that it always made me so much more calm and less stressed.

Too often, I’m walking around with my head down, looking at my phone and trying to answer a few emails or check Instagram. Lately, I’ve been trying to leave my phone in my bag and not check on social media as often. It’s tough seeing as it’s a part of my job, but I feel so much better when I don’t feel so tied to it at every moment. It’s liberating, really!

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We’ll walk to a coffee shop near our place, usually Heritage General Store, grab a coffee and one donut (yes, one, we think splitting it makes us a little bit healthier, haha!). They have a nice outdoor patio, so sometimes we’ll sit there and have our donut before walking home.

Casual Dresses

If you read my post on Tuesday, you might sympathize with my goal of trying to slow down a bit. It’s moments like this spent with my family just enjoying our day together that make my heart feel so full. Even when we’re only outside for an hour, I feel so much more connected and at peace and just happy, when I’ve taken the time to disconnect with technology and just live in that present moment with my family.

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The point of me telling you this?! It’s National Donut Day! I almost always forget about these funny national holidays, but this one seemed fitting for me to remember considering how much I love donuts. So, I’m thinking this afternoon, I might venture out with Oliver, Owen and leave my phone at home to grab a donut and have an hour with my boys to just enjoy in honor of this “holiday,” haha!

I hope you had a great short week and a fun weekend ahead!

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