What I’m Wearing for My Birthday

What I'm Wearing for My Birthday: sezane dress

Assia Crochet Shift Dress, also comes in red and a top version that’s super cute! | Gazelle Sneakers, it would also be so cute with these sandals | Leonard Sunglasses

Today is my birthday and I’m turning 31!

I’m actually pretty excited for this year’s birthday because last year I was pregnant and couldn’t properly ring in my 30’s. Sometimes I can’t believe in my 30s, like am I mature enough? Am I really old enough to be raising another human?! I used to think that 30 sounded so old, and here I am, feeling, well, pretty young.

Yes, it’s true that my bed time has moved up about 2 hours from my early 20s and my idea of a fun night out is a nice dinner and bottle of wine instead of dancing until 4am. Some people say that getting older sucks, but in my opinion, it’s pretty great. Sure, there things I don’t like—my inability to sleep until 10am, the fine lines and wrinkles that are making their way on my face and the fact that I don’t bounce back as quickly as I used to after a night out.

What I'm Wearing for My Birthday: eyelet dress

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black eyelet dress

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But, I love our lives right now and wouldn’t change it for the world!

We didn’t do anything crazy for my birthday last year and we don’t have big plans this year either. Honestly, I totally forgot about my birthday because I was so excited about Owen’s 6-month checkup, haha! Weirdly, I love his check-ups!

Right now, our plan is to go to brunch and a brewery as a family!

As long as the weather cooperates, this is what I’m wearing. Dresses are my favorite thing to wear, and this one from Sézane (currently available at Nordstrom!) is so cute and so easy. It’s loose and would look super cute over a growing bump too! I paired it with sneakers because, well, it’s my go-to shoe these days. I love how it gives the look a casual vibe too!

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Next week I’m going to dinner with some girl friends to celebrate without Owen in tow. I’m so excited for both celebrations, especially since I was pregnant last year! Cross your fingers we get good weather and can hang out outside all weekend!

How old are you turning this year? How do you feel about getting older—good or bad?!

BTW, pretty white pieces, and how to shop when you have no time at all.


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