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A Life Update

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I'm a mom of two boys living in Denver. The Fox & She is where I share my easy outfit ideas, style tips, beauty hacks and wellness tips for inspired, happier living—everyday.

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mom life

Hi friends! It’s been a minute since I shared an update on what’s happening over here in our lives, so I thought I’d catch you up! For the most part, things are trucking along just as normal. This year my oldest started kindergarten and it’s been a pretty big transition for me. He’s handling it great! But, I’ve definitely struggled with my role and identity as a mom and a business owner.

If you have kids in elementary school or higher, you might know that suddenly your regular schedule gets thrown to the wayside. School ends earlier, there’s after school activities, days off, holidays and summer break which is just around the corner. Finding my groove took some time, but I think that I’m finally finding a better routine.

I’m not working quite as much which was hard for me at first because running my own business has always been such a big part of who I am, so letting go of that has been tough at times, but I’m settling into it and really enjoying getting to spend more time with my kids.

We recently came back from spring break and then a quick trip to Dallas to see my parents and grandparents, plus a few high school friends that I hadn’t seen in years. They were both so much fun, but I’m also glad that we’re staying put for a bit, traveling with littles is exhausting. Everyone is off of their normal routine, not sleeping as well and a bit more grumpy. Happy to say we’re finally back to normal over here!


I finished and launched my Spring Capsule Wardrobe! Plus a whole new page called The Style Guide which highlights my go-to pieces, and will be updated each season/as I find new items to add. As a web designer, getting to build out unique pages like this is always really fun and I hope you guys love it!

We ordered and finalized our latest product for The Line Collection. This is my product business that I run with a friend. It’s been so much fun and really cool to play around in the world of products and manufacturing. We’ve learned so much and are taking it slow, but enjoying the process for sure.

Tough Moments:

My youngest, Jack, has been so clingy and sad at his daycare drop off lately. Any moms will know how tough that it is to pull away, but finally by the end of the week he did great! I’m blaming all the recent vacation and being out of his normal routine.

I’ve been solo parenting for most of the week as my husband had a work conference, and doing it all on your own is no joke. Between cooking meals, packing lunches and getting everyone off to school and activities, I was exhausted. Owen started soccer a few weeks ago and it ends close to bedtime which makes that evening a little crazy. I know it’s just the beginning, but again, still getting used to it!

What I’m Eyeing

This year has been the year that I really define my personal style. Having kids really shifted how I get dressed each day. For the most part, comfort is the name of the game, but I really got sick of wearing leggings and baggy sweatshirts. I’ve been narrowing down my closet, tossing items I never wear and filling the holes with versatile pieces that I can wear a number of different ways. Capsule-ish if you will!

Here’s a few pieces I’ve been eyeing lately…

Black & White Check Bag: After doing my closet clean out, I realized I don’t own that much black. I love this bag for spring and summer as it’s woven which gives it a lighter feeling and adds such a fun pattern to simple outfits.

Black Dress: An absolute classic! Throw over a cardigan or striped sweater on your shoulders for cooler days and wear as is when it gets hot. I love both this style and this style.

Eyelet Top: One of my favorites ever—a crisp white eyelet top. Looks gorgeous with jeans, shorts, skirts and so much more. A classic and this brand never disappoints!

Striped Weekend Dress: Such a perfect lightweight dress with a fun pop of color. Throw it over your swimsuit or pair it with sneakers or sandals for an easy outfit this summer.


If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed that I picked up knitting this year. I actually learned back in high school, but wanted to really learn how to make something other than a blanket or scarf. I’ve made a few hats and knitted my first tank top which I can’t wait to wear now that it’s warming up. I recently started a new project called the Friday Tee by Petite Knit and it’s coming right along.

Friday Tee progress

It’s definitely challenging my skills and I did have to rip it out a few times before I realized I was reading the pattern wrong, but we’re on the right path! I’m using a pretty forest green and off-white color combination that will be so fun to wear this spring, summer and into fall!

I also have this adorable Eva Top on my list and just ordered yarn—should be a quick one to knit up! Especially compared to my Friday Tee, ha!

We’re back in town for the next couple of months so I’m excited to share more and get back into a more normal routine over here! Thanks for being here friends!



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