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1. Crescent Hoodie | 2. Funnel Neck Sweater | 3. Moto Leggings | 4. Longline Sports Bra | 5. Roshe Two Sneaker | 6. Gwen Cozy Pullover | 7. Juvenate Sneaker | 8. Funnel Neck Sweatshirt | 9. Tri-Tone Warmup Legging | 10. Covet Sports Bra Top | 11. Catch Me if You Can Hoodie | 12. Snap T Quilted Pullover | 13. Heartbeat Tee | 14. Quilted Funnel Neck Pullover | 15. Climalite Banded Tank | 16. Breathe Crop Tank | 17. Divine High Waist Legging | 18. Low Profile Socks | 19. Sweat Style Pullover

It’s official! As of last week, I’m allowed to exercise again! Since giving birth, I’ve done my fair share of walking, but haven’t done anything more strenuous as I really wanted to give my body the full six weeks to heal and recover. I still feel like I’m not 100% recovered, but it’s crazy how fast your body can repair itself. I could barely walk the week I got home and by the end of my six weeks, long walks and stairs were no big deal.

You know what I’m most excited for? Hot yoga! I was in a good habit of going 2-3 times per week just before I found out I was pregnant. My doctor recommended I skip the hot yoga and do prenatal yoga instead as the temperatures could cause complications with my pregnancy. I obliged and did prenatal yoga at home in the meantime, but I missed the guided classes and hot, humid room and I couldn’t wait to go back. I even considered going before I was cleared and taking it super slow, just to be in that warm room.

This past weekend, I left Rob with a bottle for Owen and went to my first post-pregnancy workout class. It was amazing. Yes, it was much harder than normal. No, I’m not nearly as strong. And, yes, I’m incredibly sore! But, it felt amazing and I’m so happy to slowly start getting back into a more regular exercise routine. Obviously working out is good for your body, but for me, it’s so good for clearing my mind too.

It was also fun to dig into the drawers that hold my workout clothes and actually put them on for that purpose. My favorite things to wear for hot yoga are long leggings and a cropped top or tank top. I wore these leggings from Outdoor Voices and this Athena Crop Top. I won’t lie, I felt a little self-conscious because my stomach is still pretty squishy and the linea nigra still hasn’t faded. Despite that, I always workout harder when I can see my stomach so I figured why the hell not. Plus, I’m pretty damn proud of what my body did and if it means it looks a little different afterward, well, that’s just fine.

Another workout I was doing before pregnancy was BBG. I shared my progress in this post last year—ironically, I got pregnant just a few weeks after I posted that! Over the break, I downloaded the SWEAT app, which is made by the creator of BBG. My sister recommended it and I’m so glad she did! It has a bunch of different workout plans, including a postpartum plan that eases you back into working out, and meal plans and helps you keep track of your progress.

Since it’s just me at home during the week, I’m hoping to do a SWEAT app workout 1-2 times during the week and go to yoga on the weekend when Rob is here. Once it warms up a bit, we’ll be getting out for long walks during the day too! Thankfully, I’m already back down to my pre-pregnancy weight, but I’ve lost a lot of muscle mass and tone and I’m looking forward to getting it back!

What workouts did you look forward to post-baby? Do you have any health or fitness goals for this year? Have you tried hot yoga or the SWEAT app—which workouts are your favorite?!

BTW, how to actually stay motivated to workout, and how I stay fit and healthy.


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