How to Actually Stay Motivated to Workout

How to Get That Workout Motivation - and Keep It!

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I’ve never been one of those people who loves to workout. Don’t get me wrong, I love being active, and I feel great when I’m doing it and after it’s over, but my idea of a fun time isn’t going for a run or getting on the treadmill or lifting weights. Instead, I prefer walking, group classes, bike riding & when my location allows for it, hiking. We’re heading to Aspen in a few weeks and I’m already looking forward to all the hikes we’ll probably do!

Despite the fact that I’m not exercise-obsessed, I am obsessed with feeling my best and getting regular exercise is a big part of that! Staying motivated can be tough, especially when it’s summer and there’s plenty of other outdoor activities like dinners and drinks on a patio that distract you from your goals. Over the years I’ve figured out a few ways to stay excited about exercising, so here’s my best workout motivation!

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Find Something Convenient

If going to your gym isn’t easy, you won’t go-it’s as simple as that. When we moved to our new neighborhood, I did a little research about what studios and gyms were in the area and luckily found about seven within a 10 minute walk! Maybe for you that means it’s on the way home from work or just a few steps from your front door. In the warm months, I love being outside and really wish we were closer to a trail. My grandparents house in Colorado is close to several trails and I can hardly wait!

Do Something You Like!

If you hate yoga, don’t sign up for yoga classes! If you enjoy what you’re doing, it’ll make it infinitely easier to show up for class and work hard. For me to really enjoy a class, I have to feel good physically and mentally when I leave and I pick workouts that I know will leave me feeling that way.

Schedule It

My old method was that if I had enough time after I finished my work then I’d reward myself with a workout class, but that led to overworking and not a lot of exercise. For the past few weeks I’ve been scheduling my classes ahead, on Sunday, and it makes the biggest difference! Prioritizing my health feels empowering and it’s a great stress reliever. When it’s on my schedule, it becomes a part of my day, not just an extra thing if I have time. Decide when you like to workout and write it in your calendar!

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Wear Something That Makes You Feel Good

You’ve got to look good to feel good! For me, if I put on yoga clothes that fit me well and look cute, I’m far more likely to hit the gym or get outside for an extra walk than if I put on a ratty old t-shirt and shorts. I know it sounds cliché, but it really makes a big difference for me. For barre class or yoga, I love wearing leggings with unique details like this pair or tops with cool cut-outs, designs or colors. This white top (also comes in black & navy) is my new favorite because of the sheer fabric on the back that show off this awesome sports bra.


When it comes to walking, I just want to be in something comfortable. I picked up these pants from Lolë and they are so comfortable, but also look pretty stylish. This cute tank is perfect for a casual workout day. It speaks the truth—it’s all about about balance!

Go with Friends

If getting yourself to go alone is too hard, find a workout buddy! Holding each other accountable makes it easier to show up—even if all you’re doing is going for a long walk around the neighborhood. Scheduling classes together also motivates me to actually get out the door. If you know they’re counting on you, you won’t back out at the last second!

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Make Post-Workout Plans

Just because it’s a workout doesn’t mean it doesn’t mean it can’t be social. Make plans with your gym buddy to grab a healthy lunch or juice afterward. Not only will you be making another healthy choice, but it makes the workout feel less like a chore, and more like something fun.

What fitness motivation tips do you have? What’s your favorite type of workout?

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