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17 Best Family Christmas Movies to Put You in the Holiday Spirit

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These are the top 17 best family Christmas movies to watch this season to get you excited and into the holiday spirit. There’s even a section dedicated to the best Christmas movies for kids.

The Best Family Christmas Movies to Put you in the Holiday Spirit |

Can you believe that it’s December? Christmas is just around the corner and to help you get into the holiday spirit with you and your family, I rounded up the top 17 best Christmas movies for families to add to your list this season.

There’s everything from classic favorites to modern comedies and some cute ones to watch with your kids too.

As I get older, the traditions that get me into the holiday spirit include re-watching my holiday favorites to be reminded of the reason for the season and to help me set aside all the chaos and worry of making it perfect.

Along with decorating the house and playing Christmas music, these family Christmas movies are sure to help you and your family feel festive and excited for the month ahead.

9 Best Family Christmas Movies to Put You in the Holiday Spirit

‘The Holiday’

The Holiday | Best Family Christmas Movies

A Christmas classic in my opinion. This story features two women, frustrated with their current guy-problems, that decide to swap homes for the holidays. One is in bustling Los Angeles and the other in quiet Surrey. They both meet local men with whom they fall for.

Not only is it a sweet story, though a bit cheesy at times (aren’t all holiday movies a little cheesy though?), and gives you a little bit of wanderlust too!

Streaming on Hulu, YouTube, Prime Video, Apple TV

‘It’s a Wonderful Life’

This 1946 classic is still one that hits home today. A frustrated business man gets a glimpse into what life would have been like if he had never existed. It’s a story about being grateful for everything you have and finding new appreciation for your own life.

In today’s busy, work-obsessed culture, I find this movie to be a good reminder year after year.

Streaming on Prime Video

‘Four Christmases’

Four Christmases

An amazing holiday comedy about a couple who had planned to spend their holidays at the beach, but gets caught when fog grounds their flight. They then spend the day visiting their 4 families which are all very unique in their own ways. A lig

This movie lightens up the fact that we all have unique family dynamics to navigate during the holidays.

Streaming on HBO Max, Prime Video, Apple TV

‘Disney’s A Christmas Carol’

A Christmas Carol | Best Family Christmas Movies

A Christmas classic where selfish Ebenezer Scrooge gets taken by 3 ghosts on a journey that opens his eyes to the true meaning of Christmas. It’s heart-warming and reminds us all that this time of year means so much more than holidays and gifts.

Streaming on Disney Plus and Prime Video

‘The Family Stone’

the family stone

An nervy and tightly wound Sarah Jessica Parker attends the holidays at her boyfriend’s house and soon finds herself out of sorts and uncomfortable with his laid-back family who is very different than her.

Even though her trip starts out tough and awkward, she learns more about herself and relaxes a bit to find joy and happiness where she didn’t expect it.

Streaming on YouTube, Apple TV, and Prime Video


Elf Christmas movie for kids

This is one family Christmas movie we watch every year and our kids love it too!

An orphan accidentally sneaks into Santa’s bag and winds up in the North Pole. Once he grows up he realizes he’s not quite like the others and goes on a search to find his real father in New York City.

This hilarious and heart-warming journey is one that reminds us of the importance of slowing down and enjoying the simple things during the holiday season.

Streaming on Prime Video and HBOMax

‘Christmas Vacation’

Christmas Vacation Best Christmas Movies of all time

National Lampoon’s ‘Christmas Vacation’ might be the ultimate classic Christmas movie. Clark Griswold aims to have the perfect Christmas, but things don’t go quite to plan.

A funny story of good intentions gone wrong, poor timing and frustration lead us to be reminded of the reason for the season.

Streaming on HBOMax and Prime Video

‘Love Actually ‘

Love Actually Christmas Holiday Movie

This 2003 movie features an insane cast and many overlapping stories. There’s bound to be one that you relate to in this classic movie. It examines the complicated emotions of love in funny and sometimes sad ways.

Overall, it’s a classic movie that always reminds me to be grateful for my relationships, and that there is always good to be found.

Streaming on Prime Video and Disney Plus

‘The Family Man’

the family man

Nicolas Cage is a high-powered Wall Street Investor who gets a peek into what his life would have been like if he’d turned down his internship in London to stay with his girlfriend, Tea Leoni.

Needless to say, his swanky lifestyle is turned on its own when he trades his Ferrari for a minivan and his high-rise apartment for a house in the suburbs. This movie reminds us that money can’t buy everything, and that family means so much.

Streaming on Prime Video

8 Best Family Christmas Movies to Watch with your Kids This Season

‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

There’s a few different versions of The Grinch, but personally I like one with Jim Carrey. It’s funny and the makeup on these characters brings Who-ville to life perfectly. The Grinch plans to ruin Christmas for the whole town, but kind Cindy Lou who isn’t scared of the Grinch changes things.

For younger children, this might be a little too scary and the animated version might be a better option.

Streaming on Hulu

‘Home Alone’

Home Alone | Best Family Christmas Movies

A holiday classic that we absolutely love! It’s funny, silly and will keep your kids laughing with all the traps that Kevin sets for the two Wet Bandits to get caught in.

This is one I love watching every year because it brings back memories from my own childhood.

Streaming on Disney Plus

‘Muppets Christmas Carol’

Muppets Christmas Carol | Christmas movies for kids

The time-honored Christmas Carol story with Ebenezer Scrooge, but with the Muppets to make it easier for kids to understand. It’s a sweet movie that kids will love and teaches good lessons on being humble, grateful and generous.

Streaming on Disney Plus

‘Polar Express’

Polar Express | Christmas Movies for Family

This was already one of my favorite books from childhood and the movie is great too. Our kids are obsessed with trains, so watching this one was a favorite.

A little boy heads out on an adventure on Christmas Eve when he awakes to see the Polar Express in his front-yard. On his magical adventure he meets new friends and is met with excitement and disappointment, but left being a life-long believer in Santa

Streaming on HBOMax, Prime Video, and AppleTV

‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’

Charlie Brown Christmas | Family Movies for Christmas

This animated TV special from 1965 continues to be one that families love to watch year after year. For kids that won’t watch anything other than animated shows, this one is perfect for the holidays.

As for the adults, it’s nostalgic and charming—it’ll take you right back to your own childhood!

Streaming on Prime Video and AppleTV

‘The Original Christmas Classics’

Original Christmas Classics | Kids Holiday Movies

I grew up on these as a kid and they still hold such a special place in my heart. They’re simple, timeless and ones I know my kids will love as well.

The set includes 7 classics from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, Little Drummer Boy and more.

Watch Them All

‘A Christmas Story’

A Christmas Story | Classic Christmas Movie for Family

This holiday comedy from 1983 tells the story of a little boy who tries to convince everyone around him that a BB gun is the best Christmas present. It brings back memories of being a child and having one gift you were longing for so deeply.

It’s a holiday classic with plenty of comedic moments that kids and adults will both love.

Streaming on HBOMax, AppleTV, and Prime Video

‘The Santa Clause’

The Santa Clause

Lastly, this one is a bit cheesy, but kids will love watching Tim Allen turn into Santa Clause in this cute holiday movie. After accidentally hitting a man in a Christmas suit, he’s taken to the North Pole and told that he has to take Santa’s place the next year. He think it was all a dream until he starts turning into Santa Claus.

Streaming on Disney Plus

These are some of the best Christmas movies for family movie night during the holidays and throughout December. Make sure to add these to your list this year!

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