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Orange-Spiced Non-Toxic Cleaning Spray

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DIY non-toxic cleaning spray

We’re in the middle of the season where we spend even more time at home! That barely feels possible after this year, but alas, winter has arrived which means, more indoor cozy time than we’ve already had.

After a lovely Christmas with family, we’re laying low this week, relaxing, playing, painting and planning for next year. I’ve also tidied the house, got busy on some home projects and CLEANED.

Since it’s cold and flu season, I’ve been fueling my family with extra healing foods to help keep our immune systems in tip top shape, and for whatever reason, keeping the house clean is making me feel healthier too.

I whipped up another bottle of my favorite Branch Basics all-purpose cleaner last week and added some essential oils to make it smell like the holidays. Y’all, it’s so good! It’s such a little thing, but oh my goodness, it brings me so much joy to not only have my kitchen clean, but to also have it smell amazing without anything toxic!

non-toxic house cleaner
safe, non-toxic kitchen cleaner

I’m also realizing that it makes me sound so old that one of my joys in life is now a clean kitchen, haha!

If you’re unfamiliar with Branch Basics, they make non-toxic cleaning products that are human safe and their story is one I love! It’s proof that removing toxins from your diet, cleaning products and personal care products can have a drastic positive impact on your health and the way you feel day to day.

Their products are all made from a single concentrate that you mix with filtered water. Last January we got their Starter Kit and never looked back!

P.S. Get 15% off your Starter Kit with code FOXANDSHE

I get some questions from people who want to make the switch to cleaner home products, but the price gets them—the starter kit is $69. But here’s the deal. It replaces your all-purpose cleaner, window cleaner, bathroom cleaner, hand soap, and laundry detergent. It comes with all the bottles and a big bottle of concentrate and their oxygen boost laundry powder (great for stains!!), so there’s nothing else you have to buy.

In one year, we’ve only gone through two bottles of concentrate! I reuse the same bottles, so, low waste (!!!), and turns out to be SO economical.

Anyway, back to the orange-spiced cleaner! Branch Basics has no scent at all, which is great because some people don’t do well with scent and fragrance. But, if you do want a little scent, you can add essential oils to your cleaner and customize the scent to your liking.

non-toxic house cleaner
non-toxic house cleaner

Usually, I add something bright like grapefruit or lemon that just smells clean, but not that gross toxic, chemical clean. For winter, I switched it up and added Clove and Sweet Orange. You could also swap Thieves for Clove and get the same effect. I added 20-25 drops of each. Remember those oranges with cloves poked into them you’d make at the holidays? This smells like that! Just shake it up and you’re in business!

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We’re definitely not perfect over here, but making easy swaps like this one to reduce our exposure to toxins makes me feel so good! And, it works just as well as any of the chemicals I was previously buying—just no headache or worry that my kids might lick something that’s bad for them!

DIY non-toxic cleaning spray

Let me know if you try Branch Basics or this holiday-scented spray! Don’t forget, you can get 15% off your Starter Kit with my code, FOXANDSHE!

BTW, DIY non-toxic fruit & veggie wash, and 2 of the best safe cleaning products that actually work.



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