9 Pregnancy Products I Couldn’t Live Without

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Sweater: Ottoman Slouchy Tunic, more colors here | Jeans: Maternity Jeans, non-maternity here | Coat: Camel Wrap Coat, similar here and here | Shoes: Modern Loafers, also here and similar here

A few weeks ago I was switching out my summer clothes for winter ones and started getting really excited about wearing non-maternity clothes. I didn’t end up buying any more clothes these last few months and relied on oversized things to cover the bump. Even though I’m looking forward to packing up my maternity clothes, I did get a little nostalgic about the past nine months.

So, I wanted to share a few pieces of clothing and other products that I couldn’t have lived without during my pregnancy!

Pregnancy Products Every Mom To Be Needs:

1. Body Oil for Stretch Marks

A few months ago, Elemis sent me a sweet package with items perfect for pregnancy. One of my favorite items was this Japanese Camellia Body Oil. I’ve used it on my belly, hips and thighs every night since I got it and it’s kept my skin super soft and hydrated. I won’t know for a while if it actually prevented me from getting stretch marks, but I hope it did! The skin on my belly was really itchy—especially towards the end and this made a big difference!

2. Maternity Jeans

It took me a while, but I finally found a few pairs of maternity jeans that I didn’t hate. I’ll be honest, no pair of maternity jeans is as good as the real deal, but these have done a good job! I don’t love the pairs that go over the belly, and I got two pairs of the low cut Madewell maternity jeans. They do run a bit big, but I’d recommend ordering two sizes and just returning the ones that don’t fit—I had a tough time figuring out what size I needed.

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3. bkr Water Bottle

When you’re pregnant, you get really thirsty all the time and staying hydrated can really help with exhaustion! My favorite water bottle is this one from bkr because it holds 32oz. of water. I drink more water when I don’t have to fill it up constantly and it’s easy to know just how much I’ve had each day! I aim for 2.5-3 bottles per day. If you like your water cold, I’d recommend this bottle from S’well in the biggest size you can get!

4. Dohm Sound Machine

Thankfully for the first 2 trimesters and a good part of the third, sleep was easy for me! I was exhausted and had no issue falling or staying asleep. The past few weeks I can’t say the same. I’ve had a really tough time falling asleep each night because I can’t get comfortable or shut my brain off. The Dohm sound machine is a huge help though. It drowns out noises from the street or our neighbors, so when I finally do fall asleep, I actually stay asleep—well, at least until I have to get up to go to the bathroom again, ha!

We also registered for one of these sound machines for the baby’s room. I’ve heard from friends that this thing works wonders for babies!

5. “Bringing up Bébé” & “Babywise”

I didn’t want to read too many books in fear that the information overload would overwhelm me, but I had heard great things about “Bringing Up Bébé” so I picked that one up. It was a great, easy read that wasn’t overwhelming at all. In fact, it was a little bit humorous and I’d recommend it to any expecting mom. It also has some good insight on how to make your kids more independent which I really loved.

My college best friend recommend “Babywise” and I’m also glad that I picked that one up. I haven’t read the whole thing yet because later sections were for older kids, but the first half was really great. Sure, it was a little bit intense, and probably isn’t for everyone, but I loved how straightforward the sleep schedules were and the explanation behind it. The book says that most babies who follow their sleep schedule are sleeping 8 hours within 7-10 weeks—yes, please! Rob and I love our sleep and anything that can help our little guy sleep well is something I’m willing to try!

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6. Maternity Yoga Pants

On days where I couldn’t get myself to put on normal clothes, I lived in this pair and this pair of Ingrid & Isabel yoga pants. Even though I wasn’t a fan of the belly band jeans, I loved the belly band on these yoga pants. I did manage to keep up my workouts throughout my pregnancy, though they majorly slowed down towards the end and I wore these for just about every workout.

7. Cute & Comfortable Sneakers

I already lived in sneakers before pregnancy, but they became even more important when I got pregnant. My feet never really hurt, but it was still nice to have comfortable shoes for our morning walks and wearing around the house and neighborhood. I have a strong feeling my sneaker collection is only going to grow this next year!

8. Flo App

There are a gazillion apps out there for pregnancy, but the Flo App was my favorite. It allowed me to track water, steps and a bunch of other things and has updates every day (not just every week) that I really loved. Each week as you move into a new week it gives you the “fruit” size, average weight and length and some tidbits on what’s happening in their body as well as in yours.

9. Ruched Dresses

Lastly, I’ve mentioned my love for these ruched tank dresses throughout my pregnancy. If you’re pregnant, do yourself a favor and get one asap! It comes in 15 different colors and a long sleeve version that’s perfect for fall and winter.
What items did you rely on during pregnancy—I’d love to hear!

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