If You’re Expecting, You Absolutely Need This (& 36 Weeks)

baby bump style

Dress: Ruched Maternity Dress, more colors here & longer sleeved version here | Cardigan: Rib Trim Long Cardigan | Shoes: Leopard Mules, similar here and here | Bag: Medium Marcie Bag, also love this size | Glasses: Leonard Sunglasses

Holy heck, I can’t believe I’m 36 weeks today! I had my appointment yesterday which was a bit more thorough than they’d been the past few months. With just four weeks left, they test for Group B Strep test. If you test positive for GBS it’s no big deal. Apparently it’s very common, they just put you on some antibiotics to get rid of it. They also check to see how things are moving along which is crazy! According to the doctor… I have to admit that while it’s crazy to hear these things, knowing something actually has eased my anxiety a bit. I think most of it was coming from not knowing anything. At this point I’ll go in for an appointment every week until he arrives!

Also, I wanted to mention that these photos were shot a while back when I had more energy (so glad I did that) and my bump has grown since then, so for a more accurate representation of 36 weeks, check out my Insta story or Instagram later today!

Here’s what else is happening around here:

pregnancy fashion

baby bump style
leopard flats outfit

Update at 36 Weeks Pregnant

What I’m Loving

That My Due Date is Close

I won’t lie, between getting little sleep and simply being anxious, I’m so ready for him to arrive. Of course, I’d like him to stay put for a few weeks longer, but I’m getting really excited!

His Name

We had a few names that we were going back and forth on for a long time. We finally settled on one and I’m so excited to share it with everyone. We decided to keep it a secret from everyone, even our families, until he’s born. The only tough part is that we refer to him by name at home. I’m worried I might slip up in public, haha!

Calmer Days

A few weeks ago I made one massive to-do list of all the random work and personal things I wanted to get done before the birth so I didn’t have to think about them. I’m not quite done yet, but that list has been whittled down a ton and I’m really enjoying my slower days. At the end of next week I have a spa day planned with Shaheen. I can’t wait to relax and pamper myself a bit! I’m dying for a facial and pedicure.

long cardigan outfit

leopard mules

Prepping For Baby

Hospital Bag

I actually haven’t packed one yet. I have started a list of what I think I need to bring (any suggestions of must-haves?) and plan on packing it up next week—just in case! We got the cutest Layette from Monica & Andy with a few newborn pieces that we plan on bringing our little guy home in! I included a cute little unboxing video at the end of this post if you’re curious to see what comes inside—hint, it’s adorable!

Finishing the Nursery

I just ordered the final piece of art for the nursery as well as this adorable mobile for over the crib. I couldn’t resist the whales since it matches the narwhal sheets that are currently in the crib. The last item is the rug which should be here any day now. The baby won’t actually sleep in his room for a while, but I really just want it all done!

Final Baby Items

We got our stroller and car seat a few weeks ago from UppaBaby and they are adorable! I totally copied Shaheen and went with the Blue Marl color for both the Mesa and Cruz stroller. I debated between the Cruz and Vista, but ultimately went with the Cruz because so many friends said it’s easier to maneuver in the city because it’s a bit smaller and lighter weight. It doesn’t have the option to add a second seat like the Vista, but we’ll cross that bridge another year.

maternity fashion

maternity clothes

What I’m Wearing

The Dress Every Pregnant Lady Needs

I’ve worn this dress numerous times here and on Instagram. In fact, I’m pretty sure I wear this dress (or the purple one I have) at least once a week. It’s so comfortable, stretchy and flattering. It’s by far been my most-worn maternity piece and even though it’s getting cooler, I still make it work by layering cardigans and adding boots or sneakers to stay a little warmer. It comes in a bunch of colors (like 13 to be exact!) and there’s a similar one with longer sleeves too!


I finally found a pair of maternity jeans I don’t hate. These from Madewell have been my favorite, but it looks like they’re now transitioning to the belly band style which is a real shame. Those things just don’t stay up on their own and it drives me crazy. I ordered a size down from what I normally order because my normal size was too big.

Long Tops

None, I mean seriously like zero, of my shirts fit anymore. Mostly because they’re too short and the bottom of my belly hangs out like an old man with a beer gut. I’ve been wearing my longest t-shirts, sweaters and borrowing Rob’s on days where I know I’m staying at home. It’s not a good look, but neither is the pregnant crop top!

ingrid and isabel dress

baby bump outfit

What I’m Struggling With


As tired as I am, sleeping has become a struggle. I find that it’s tough for me to fall asleep. I either can’t get comfortable or I wake myself up worrying about what’s to come and when

Oily Hair & Dry Skin

Not sure how this combo works, but my hair is oilier than normal and my skin is incredibly dry! It’s bizarre, but I’m hoping that everything goes back to normal after I give birth. I’m sure our weird hot to cold weather hasn’t helped either. I picked up some new shampoo and conditioner this week. I’ll keep you guys posted on whether or not it works. As for my dry skin, I’ve been slathering on body oil after I get out of the shower. A few of my favorites are this Elemis oil (I use this on my belly every night to prevent stretch marks), this lavender chamomile oil from Indie Lee and this citrus rosemary body oil from Beautycounter.


I’m sure plenty of first-time moms can relate to this one. As my due date nears I find that I’m getting more and more anxious about the actual birth. I mean, I know it’s going to happen either way and worrying about it isn’t going to help, but I can’t get it out of my head. The other thing that makes me anxious is that you really have no idea when it’ll happen. I’ve had friends deliver 3 weeks early and one week late, so basically it could happen anytime!


I raved about my experience with the OCM a few weeks ago and I still love it, but I think my hormones with the addition of less sleep and anxiety has been making me breakout more. I’m hoping that now that things are calming down in my work life that it’ll start clearing up.


I’ve been really proud of myself for continuing to exercise throughout my pregnancy. Yes, there have been weeks where I did nothing, but I haven’t totally given up. Now that my plate is less full, I’m spending more time doing prenatal yoga, lifting weights and going on walks. I’m hoping it makes delivery easier and recovery a bit easier too.

I think that wraps it up for now. I might try and do one last update in a couple of weeks. I’ll have to see if I have the energy by then. And seriously, if you have any tips on what to pack (or not pack) in my hospital bag, I’m all ears!

BTW, my pregnancy updates at 32 weeks, 26 weeks and my first trimester.

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