What TV Shows Are You Watching?


If someone asks, I typically say that I don’t really watch TV and for the most part it’s true. I think I have a hard time relaxing when I know I could be doing other things, but lately, I’ve had a change of heart. I think this whole slowing down process is slowly, but surely, letting my brain finally chill out.

The past few weeks I’ve noticed that I’ve actually really enjoyed kicking off my shoes and curling up the couch with Rob to watch our favorite shows. The craziest thing? There’s been no lingering thoughts in the back of my head about what needs to get done, I simply just enjoy the show!

The fact that we’re watching some shows that I really love doesn’t hurt either. These are a few of our current favorites.

Better Call Saul
Did you watch Breaking Bad? I still think it might be one of my favorite series EVER. It was sooooo good. Saul was such a great character and Better Call Saul gives some context behind where he came from and how he became who he is in Breaking Bad. We’ve really loved the show and I have a feeling after it’s over I’ll be wanting to re-watch Breaking Bad, oops!

I’ve been an avid fan of Girls since season one and have really loved this last season a lot. I loved the scenes from Shoshanna in Japan! We need to go back there. The season that was all about Marnie was also really unique! Adam and Ray are still two of my favorites and then there’s Hannah, still being completely inappropriate and not even realizing it. While I wouldn’t object to seeing less Lena Dunham’s boobs and other parts, I still love the show!

It’s an HBO series that only lasted two seasons, but I loved it. Some of the characters remind me of my own family members which is kind of hilarious, but the real reason I love it is because it was so real. But also really funny at the same time. I was bummed to hear that it wasn’t getting another season, but the ending to season two made up for it.

Fixer Upper
As you know, I love decorating! And someday I really would love to buy our own fixer upper and turn it into our dream house, but until then, I’m living vicariously through Chip & Joanna. They might be one of the sweetest couples ever and their on-screen personas are adorable. Joanna’s taste is a little too country chic for me, but I still think the houses always look totally adorable, it’s just too bad they’re in Waco, ha!

What shows are you watching right now? Any I need to add to my list?

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