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The 10 Minute Routine That Keeps Me Sane

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I'm a mom of two boys living in Denver. The Fox & She is where I share my easy outfit ideas, style tips, beauty hacks and wellness tips for inspired, happier living—everyday.

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striped maxi dress, striped shirt dress — via @TheFoxandShe

DRESS: Striped Maxi Shirt Dress // ON THE RACK: DRESS: Stripe Tie Dress | SKIRT: Belted Pleated Skirt | SHOES: Mules (old, similar) | BAG: Laser Cut Tote | SKIRTS: Denim Midi Skirt & Denim Mini Skirt

striped maxi dress, striped shirt dress — via @TheFoxandShe



striped maxi dress, striped shirt dress — via @TheFoxandShe

striped maxi dress, striped shirt dress — via @TheFoxandShe

striped maxi dress, striped shirt dress — via @TheFoxandShe

I recently adopted a new habit that I touched on last month. Rob calls it OCD, but I call it 10 minute nightly tidy up. It wasn’t my idea originally — I got it from The Happiness Project and it’s a serious game-changer.

The whole idea is to spend 10 minutes before bed, or earlier in the evening (whatever suits you) to go around tidy up the little messes around the house. Simply set a timer and get to work!

Guys, do you know how much you can do in 10 minutes? A whole lot.

Before you think I’m totally crazy, I’m not talking about scrubbing with Windex and bleach, but instead just getting things organized and put back in their place. You know, things like pushing the chairs in at the dinner table, putting water glasses in the dishwasher, fluffing the pillows, hanging up coats and putting laundry in the hamper — I could go on and on, but you get it.

Once the timer goes off, I always feel so much more accomplished and ready for bed! It sort of clears your brain knowing that everything is in its place. The biggest benefit is waking up to a clean house the next morning. It sets my morning off on a great note!

Have you tried the nightly tidy up? What do you think of it?



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