The Problem with Self-Employment & Maternity Leave

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I swear, the weeks are going by faster and faster lately and each time my app notifies me that I’m another week closer to meeting our little guy, I realize how incredibly under-prepared we still are. I’m sure lots of soon-to-be parents feel this way, but that doesn’t make it any easier.

One thing that’s been on my mind lately between finding a pediatrician, signing up for labor and infant CPR classes, buying a car (will I remember how to drive?!) and finishing up the nursery, is my maternity leave. Or rather, the fact that my company, comprised of me, myself and I, has no set policy for this stage of life.

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Let me start by saying that I feel incredibly lucky to work for myself and to be able to pick up and leave whenever I want! I have flexible hours, no boss and I can work from anywhere. I even have loose control over my salary—the harder I work and the more content I produce, the bigger my paycheck.

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But one thing my job doesn’t come with is a whole lot of security. I’m thrilled that I’ll be able to continue working and running my business from home after the baby is born, but having no set maternity leave or paycheck during that time has been consuming my thoughts lately.

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What exactly am I suppose to do? There’s no guide book or HR person to check in with, so I’m trying to navigate this on my own and come up with a plan that works for me. It’s important for me to have a maternity leave, so I’ve been planning ahead and working on content that will go live during those months. To be honest, I’m really, really excited about a lot of the posts and it’s taken everything in me to not publish them in real time. But, I want to be able to soak up all that newborn goodness without worrying about finishing a blog post at the same time, so they’ll have to wait!

I’m curious though—are any of you self-employed mothers or hoping to be? How did you handle maternity leave? How long did you take off? I’d love to hear your experiences and any suggestions!

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