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A Small Gender Neutral Nursery in Chicago

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baby boy nursery

Lolly 3-in-1 Crib | Little Giraffe Blanket | Narwhal Sheets | Felted Wool Whale Mobile | Grey Crib Skirt | Landscape Art | Kira Rug | Dipped Basket | Mid Century Dresser | Keekaroo Changing Pad | Beautycounter Baby Set | Mustela Micellar Water | Geometric Gold Lamp | Custom Drawing of Oliver by Nancy Ferry | Baby Penguin Art | Always Blanket, c/o Monica & Andy | Shirred Maternity Dress | Woodland Bunny Stuffed Animal | Cruz Uppababy Stroller | Skiphop Portable Changing Pad | Fawn Designs Diaper Bag | Dohm Sound Machine

When it came to designing Owen’s nursery, my main goal was to create an inviting and calming space that was whimsical, but not too young. I figured the baby wouldn’t care much about the decor anyway, so instead of trying to make it look like a little boys’ room, I decided to make it look like an extension of the rest of our home along with a few touches that made it feel like a kid’s space. I also wanted it to be somewhat gender neutral too because at the time when we picked a lot of pieces, like the rug & crib, we didn’t know the gender yet. And, if we end up with a baby girl in the future, we won’t have to start from scratch!

The toughest part of his room was the actual room. It’s really really small—like somewhere around 7×9 ft. Gotta love city living, right?! So, I started with the essentials! A crib & dresser that doubled as changing table. I would have loved a glider, but frankly, there was no room for it and I find that I end up feeding Owen in our living room or in our room so I can still be with Rob.

fox and she nursery

[one-half-first]jellycat stuffed animals[/one-half-first][one-half]baby books storage[/one-half]

nursery inspiration

mid century modern dressers

I fell in love with Babyletto’s cribs when I saw one on Pinterest and knew I wanted one. They make so many pretty cribs which made it tough to pick, but eventually I settled on the Lolly 3-in-1 in a really neutral color combination that I know will be perfect for a long time and any future babies! I also love that it converts to a toddler bed, so we’ll get a lot of use out of it over the years.

The crib and dresser were both pretty neutral so we added some color with this gorgeous rug from Caitlin Wilson. As you can see, there’s blue and pink in it. We actually picked this before we knew the gender, but I love the bright pop of color it adds and even though there’s pink in it, I don’t think it looks too girly for a boy’s room.

baby bump third trimester

narwhal sheets little unicorn

nursery artwork

cruz uppababy stroller

After those main pieces were picked and ordered, I picked out some artwork from Minted and repurposed a drawing we have of Oliver. I love the sweet baby penguin print we got since the rest of the room didn’t have much kid stuff, and the landscape print is so soothing and calm. There’s a pretty big closet in here, but I wanted a cute spot to store books, toys and stuffed animals, so I got this basket, which will be the perfect height when Owen is a little older.

Lastly, we got this mobile to hang over the crib and I’m completely in love with it! It’s handmade and just so sweet! It didn’t arrive until after we snapped these pictures, but if you’re looking for one, I highly recommend this Etsy shop—all of her pieces are gorgeous!

third trimester

project nursery

[one-half-first]baby room decor[/one-half-first][one-half]book toy storage[/one-half]

changing table necessities

baby nursery ideas

Right now, Owen is still sleeping in our room at night in his Halo Bassinest (I’ll be sharing my review on this next week!), but during the day, we’ve been having him nap in his room to get used to sleeping in his crib. Plus, it’s been convenient during the day because his room is on the same floor as the kitchen and living room where we’re hanging out during the day. I’m happy he’s been napping well in there and hoping that makes his transition to sleeping there full-time easier!

Overall, I’m so happy with how the space turned out. Yes, there’s no doubt it’s small, but it’s cozy and cute and I think Owen will love it as long as we live in this apartment!

BTW, Owen’s birth story, and 10 chic Ikea hacks that you can actually complete.




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