Casual Monday






boyfriend shirt, similar / jeans / flats / glasses / Coach bag, old but similar / bracelet

For me, Mondays are usually the casual day. Why? My pile of to-dos is extra high at the beginning of the week, and I prefer to keep things simple, basic and comfortable.

The whole casual Monday thing has been especially true for me lately. For the next 5 weeks (and past two weeks!), Oliver and I have been attending puppy school to learn some all of the basics, and this is the perfect thing to wear. It’s easy to move around in and if a dog gets a muddy paw on my jeans, it’s not the end of the world.

I also try to wear my glasses at least once a week to give my eyes a rest. I know everyone is all about Warby Parker, but I’m personally a fan of Eye Bobs. When I worked for my dad, the store carried these and I snagged a pair at market one summer. They’re technically reading glasses, but they’re made to eyeglass standards and the lens can easily be replaced with your prescription. Just make sure you go to a smaller shop, LensCrafters wasn’t into the idea, but a smaller boutique place did it!

So whether it’s sweatpants, glasses, jeans or a sundress, what do you wear on your casual days?

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