Health & Happiness Challenge No. 10

health and happiness challenge: make a clean beauty swap

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Now that Owen is a little older and I feel like I have a better handle on the whole mom thing I’ve been thinking about my own wellness goals and I’m excited to get this series started again! I need more motivation right now than ever before, haha! What I love about this challenge is that it’s a pretty easy one. It doesn’t involve a crazy diet change or workout plan. Nope, just a simple product swap.

Big changes start with small beginnings. Believe me, I would know. When my wellness journey began last year, it started with small diet changes and over the course of the past year has poured over into other areas of my life. Once you see the positive benefits in one area, it’s easier to make more changes in other areas. When I first learned that skincare and beauty products were filled with toxic ingredients, I didn’t want to believe it. Honestly, I remember reading about it in a book and thinking, “okay, this is getting a little too hippie for me.” But, sure enough, by the end of the book, my skepticism was lifting. Could the face cream, body lotion or makeup I was using really be contributing to my health issues?

The short answer—well, yes.

Health & Happiness Challenge No. 8

Make One Clean Beauty Swap

Not too long after I started making major diet changes, I started cleaning out my beauty cabinet. It was gross and kind of creepy to see toxic ingredients in nearly everything I had on my shelves. But, the thought of tossing everything and starting fresh not only sounded like a lot of work, but also really expensive! As much as I’m obsessed with skincare and beauty products, I still have trouble forking over the cash for good, safe products and just tossing the unused ones.

Many of those toxic ingredients act as endocrine disruptors that upset our delicate hormone balance. When your hormones aren’t balanced, all kinds of health issues can arise. Your skin is your body’s biggest organ and it’s super porous and any products that you apply can be quickly absorbed into your blood stream. The more unsafe products you’re using each day, the more toxins you’re putting into your body. Sure, you could go without makeup and skincare products, but for me that isn’t an option! I love my nightly skincare routine and while I don’t love wearing too much makeup, I feel more confident when I have some on to hide blemishes and scars.

So, this week’s challenge is to make one—yes, just one (or more if you want)—clean beauty swap. I recommend starting with a product that covers a lot of surface area on your skin. Something like your nightly face cream, toner, serum, morning moisturizer or foundation us a good place to start (all those links are to products I actually use everyday)! Eventually, you can continue to swap out safer products as you run out of the old ones. Before you know it, your beauty cabinet and makeup bag will be much cleaner and safer!

All of my skincare products are now safe, but I’m still working on makeup. It’s harder to find safe makeup that really works, but I do have a few favorites like this foundation, this lipstick and this blush!

Have you made any safe beauty swaps? What safe products do you love? Let me know if you’re participating in this challenge and what safe beauty swap you’re making!

BTW, 7 Beautycounter products I absolutely love, and how to create a skincare routine that actually works.

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