Coffee Chats—December 28

Hello again! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with their families! We just got back to Chicago on Wednesday night and have been laying low, slowly getting back into a normal routine after being out of town.

We saw friends and (of course) family, spent some time outside going on walks since it was nice and ate and drank a whole lot! It was so much fun, but as always, coming home always feels so good. And, I’m ready to get back into a normal routine that doesn’t include nearly as many cookies, haha!

I asked these questions about 2 weeks ago now, but finally got around to answering them! I’m checking out for the weekend and will be back in the New Year—enjoy these last few days of 2018 and I’ll see you in 2019!

Coffee Chats—December 28

Can you share what you pack in your baby bag? I feel like I’m carrying the world!

Haha, I think I’m sort of a minimalist when I pack my diaper bag then! I just put diapers, wipes, an extra pacifier and a water bottle or milk (depending on the outing). If we’re going to be out a little longer, I pack snacks too!

How do manage responding to comments, emails and DMs?

I don’t really have any good system for this. I try to respond to comments & DMs as soon as I see them. As for emails, I’ve started checking my email every other day because on my days when I’m with Owen, it rarely happens! My mom always said that email is there for our convenience, so I try to not be a slave to it. But, most work projects are on deadlines, so I try to get responses to people within 48 hours.

What is your post-mom diet? How did you return to a super skinny figure?

For the most part, I try to eat lots of whole foods—vegetables, fruits, healthy carbs like sweet potatoes and regular potatoes and I don’t eat a ton of animal protein. I might have animal protein with two meals, but it’s a small amount. I find that my digestion is better with less of it and I just feel better.

More recently I’ve been eating a LOT more fruit after reading Medical Medium because it’s got tons of fiber, hydrates your body and has tons of antioxidants and nutrients that our bodies need. Plus, it tastes delicious and reduces my cravings for sweets.

Other than that, I try to work out at least twice a week, and genetics play a part in it. My parents are both thin and my mom still looks like she did when she was 30, so I guess I got lucky there!

Do you think it’s bad to exercise/do yoga when you’re feeling run down?

This is a tough one! I think if you typically feel good and you’re feeling sick, give your body a break to heal. If you feel like you need to do something, go for a walk!

If you’re chronically feeling tired, fatigued or have brain fog—ease into it! Pushing yourself too hard can backfire and make it worse, but I know when I’m feeling tired, a brisk walk or workout almost always gives me more energy. So, just listen to your body, you know it best!

Any tips for first trimester wellness? Any specific exercises that make things easier later?

I didn’t have any morning sickness and did feel a little more tired, but just did a lot of walking. I would recommend working on your pelvic floor muscles at this point of your pregnancy and continuing to do that everyday throughout!

I do wish that I had done more strength-training during my pregnancy. Keeping your body strong just makes everything easier! Obviously, don’t push yourself too hard, but keep up what you can and you’ll be so glad you did!

Favorite perfume?

I don’t wear perfume—sorry!

I just bought a juicer for celery juice! Do you have any other recommendations for juices?

YES!!!! I’m so excited to see so many of your jumping on the celery juice wagon, this has been the single best thing I’ve done for myself this year and has made a bigger difference than all the other things I tried this year.

I love the combo of ginger, apple, lemon, celery & cucumber (or any greens I have in the fridge). I’ll also add parsley or cilantro too. Another good one is carrot, grapefruit and celery—my sister swears this one makes her skin glow! I need to experiment more, maybe a good post for 2019!

Teething tips?

Be patient! Honestly, teething sucks for everyone. Owen gets way more clingy, sad and just wants to be held. So, I try to remind myself that this only last a few days at a time, so be sweet and extra loving to him instead of getting frustrated, which is also really easy, haha!

If he’s having trouble sleeping, we’ll give him some Tylenol, but I try to avoid medicine if I can.

What sippy cup did you switch Owen to when you dropped the bottle?

We tried a bunch, but the only one he really likes is the Munchkin weighted straw cup, so I just bought a bunch more. He loves them and can easily carry them around.

How do you stay disciplined with food during the holidays? So many temptations!

I definitely indulge! I’ve had more wine and cookies this past week than I normally would. One thing that really helps is eating lots of fruit. I mentioned this in an earlier question, but eating lots of fruit really keeps me sweet tooth at bay, so it makes it easier to pass on the other sweets.

I also really love cheese and typically never eat it, but I usually have a little during the holidays. But, if I eat a lot of it, it makes me feel awful for several days, so that’s pretty good motivation to not overdo it!

I also like to balance it out with a long walk and workout—I did BBG in my in-laws basement a few days while we were gone so I don’t worry about having an extra glass of wine or cookie!

How many kids do you and Rob want?

Two! I used to say three because I grew up with two sisters, but after being pregnant once, I just don’t see myself doing that two more times, but who knows! I had an easy pregnancy, but I just didn’t love being pregnant.

Plus, kids are expensive! I know that life has a way of working out and providing for everyone, but that’s also a very real thing!

Do you have any suggestions for making mom friends in the city?

Get outside your comfort zone a bit! One of my best mom friends and I met in a coffee shop. She was there with her two little girls, and we just started chatting in line. I saw her a few days later and was like, “I know this is weird, but like, do you want to hang out or go on a walk one day?,” so we exchanged numbers and the rest is history!

I know there’s also a lot of mom groups on Facebook by neighborhood, but I haven’t looked into them, but that would be a great way to get introduced to some new moms!

How did you get started blogging and what’s your #1 tip to a newbie?

I originally started a food blog back when I first graduated and it slowly changed to lifestyle, then to more fashion and back to more lifestyle. My biggest tip is to be honest and real with your readers and to write about something you’re passionate about! If you do it because you think it’ll be an easy way to make money, just stop now. It’s not an easy career path, though it is fun and very rewarding! I wrote a whole post on this here though, so check that out for more details!

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