Embracing Change & Trusting the Timing of Life

summer date night outfit

Skirt: on sale! Maxi Skirt in weathered cypress—I’m wearing a 0 (more colors here) | Top: Crop Top, size small | Sandals: old, similar here and here | Bag: Saddle Bag, similar here and here | Lip Color: Sunset, part of this duo

At the end of last month, I flew down to sunny Phoenix for a few days for Beautycounter’s LEAD conference. It was a bit of a leap outside my comfort zone to do that, I almost said no because of dumb excuses I was making for myself.

Could Rob handle a weekend with Owen on his own?! Yes, Blair, yes, he can. He’s an adult, give him some credit.

Thankfully, I decided to go, because it was such an amazing, motivating and inspiring weekend and honestly, JUST WHAT I NEEDED.

I feel like I sound like a broken record, but man, did motherhood through me for a loop. In this past year, and honestly even before Owen was born, I started feeling this huge shift inside myself and where I wanted to take my blog in the future. Before getting pregnant, I blogged primarily about style, some lifestyle stuff too, but style was the main attraction.

For good reason! It felt like during that time, style blogging was at it’s peak! Affiliate commissions were high, brands were paying great rates and everything felt like it was just falling into place. I’d found my stride in that it felt “easy” despite the fact that I worked hard to get there. Everything was working and I didn’t need more projects or revenue streams—I was set for life (or so I thought, but more on that in a second)! I soaked those hey-days up! I took on as many projects as possible (even some that were questionable to my brand), grew my readership and Instagram following hugely.

crop top maxi skirt
summer date night outfit

It was the first time in a long time where I took one of those trust your gut jumps and closed my design business, which had previously been my main source of income. Was I scared?! Hell yes! But, it worked out—the timing was right, even if it didn’t always feel that way.

It taught me that we’re not stagnant, unchanging people. Our priorities, interests, passions and needs shift as we get change, and that’s okay. In fact, I know encourage it. It only means I’m getting closer to who I’m meant to be.

Those days were wonderful—I was making more than I was when I was designing, had more control over my hours and felt like I was doing exactly what I was suppose to be doing…

…until I didn’t anymore.

maxi skirt outfit

The moment things really started shifting for me was when we decided we wanted to start a family. There’s something about that simple decision to start thinking about it that makes you rethink a lot of stuff. My health, diet, personal goals, career goals, etc. They say that having a kid changes everything and it totally does, but for me, that transition started even before he was conceived.

My priorities shifted from planning cool trips so I could have awesome backdrops, to eating a well-balanced meal because it would keep my blood sugar and hormones stable. I wondered, how would this type of content be received on my mostly fashion blog?

I tested the waters and honestly, I got great feedback. I loved reading about health and wellness, doing research and sharing it, but I was terrified of what it would to do this business I’d spent years building. Looking back, these feelings were EXACTLY the same way I felt when I was thinking about closing my design business.

Another transition was on the horizon it seemed! But, I just let it simmer for a while, posting about it here and there. I’d figure it out when Owen was here.

That first year after Owen’s birth, I felt like I was losing my footing as a blogger. Partnerships rolled in slower, affiliate commissions started decreasing, meaning I had to sell more to make the same amount of money. And the biggest thing, I started questioning my own purpose.

What was this blog doing to help others?

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As much as I love sharing style and outfits with you guys, I’ve always felt like something was missing. I didn’t feel like I was actually making a difference in anyone’s life or providing them real, helpful, life-changing information. At the end of the day, I just wanted to help people in some small way, and I doubted whether selling you another dress or sweater was making that happen.

Then Owen was born, and shortly after I started feeling worse than I ever had in my whole life. Exhausted, which seems normal for a new born, but this was after he was sleeping through the night. I was up at night with that same thought—what am I really doing? Who am I really helping?

Somewhere in that time, Beautycounter fell into my lap. I signed up, fully intending to use it as an occasional affiliate link. And, I did—for a year and a half. Even though I was using all the products on a daily basis, I didn’t do much more than that. It was another one of those things that came into my life at the right time, I just didn’t know it yet.

For the past year, I’d been fighting this internal struggle—what was my blog’s direction—was I style blogger, or turning into a wellness blogger?! Did I have to pick?! Each time I’d asked myself in the past, I’d be too afraid to take the leap because I was too scared about losing my monthly paycheck.

Then, in November, something clicked. I think I was so set in my ways of “this is how bloggers make money” to try anything different. But, as soon as I did, it started to work.

Then the new year hit, and I said “f**k it,” if I’m still thinking about this whole shift in direction nearly a year later it was time to just freaking jump!

And, I did. You’ve probably noticed a lot less style-focused posts around here (not that they’re gone forever! probably just worked into post like this instead!), and more health, fitness, wellness and life stuff, because that’s where I am right now. It’s what I care about and what I want to share.

But, change is scary, no doubt! I can’t tell you how often I doubt myself, think I should go back, but then I remind myself that this feels right. Change might be terrifying, but it’s inevitable. As ever-evolving humans, we never stay the same for too long.

But, again, I started trusting that things would be fine. I could see the vision I wanted for my life and I knew that if I focused on it, it would start falling into place. It’s pretty wild when you focus on what you want, instead of the things you don’t want, how the universe aligns and starts giving your opportunities you never thought you could have. You just have to be aware to see them and take them.

Attending LEAD sorta just sealed the deal for me. I think for a while I was hesitant to tell people I was working for Beautycounter because it wasn’t a path that many other style bloggers had taken.

But, here I’ve found my people, my community, a group of women who are passionate about the same things as I am and are also motivated, hard-working and incredibly kind. The comparison game that kept me stuck for nearly a year was gone when. It was the most refreshing thing, and honestly, something I needed more than I realized.

how to wear a maxi skirt
crop top outfit

One thing I heard over and over and over again that weekend was that everyone said they wished they had heard about Beautycounter earlier, joined earlier, said YES the first chance they got. I say the same thing today. My only regret about Beautycounter is not saying yes and fully committing the moment Caroline (my adorable and kind mentor) reached out.

So tell me…

Is there something in your life you’ve been saying no to, but also feel like maybe you should be saying yes to? Maybe your own self-doubt, or fears of what other people will think is what’s holding you back. That’s what held me back for years.

But, let’s just stop for a second and think—imagine what your life could be if you stopped caring about what others thought and did something totally for yourself. What could it do for your confidence, happiness, and even your income.

The potential is already inside you, you just have to say yes.

If Beautycounter has been something you’ve thought about, what’s stopping you? Why not now? It’s always easy to say “now’s just not a good time,” but why is now not a good time to start doing something you want to do? My point is that there’s never a perfect time. My advice, don’t wait around, stop saying no and just make the leap! DM or email me and let’s chat more!

And, maybe Beautycounter isn’t the thing you’ve been saying no to for a long time, maybe it’s something else! Whatever it it is, the same rules apply! Why do we wait to do the things we love? Today, let’s screw fear and doubt and just say YES to ourselves and our happiness!

If you truly believe you can do it, you will. And, if you need a little more motivation, I highly recommend you pick up the book “The Secret”.

Okay, that was a long one, but I just started typing and all the thoughts and positive vibes started flowing! Thanks for reading and always being supportive!

BTW, the big picture, and 9 lies that are holding you back.

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