Five Snaps

It’s been a while since my last five snaps, but I’ve been shooting more pictures than normal, so I figured I’d bring it back! Here’s a peek inside my week!

fresh pink peonies @TheFoxandShe
1. Peonies – these beauties are in season! I picked them up on Monday and have been enjoying watching them fully bloom all weekend! P.S. Did you know that fresh flowers are actually good for your health? #sorryRob

arugula salad and vegetable soup @TheFoxandShe
2. Simple Lunches – I talked about how I’ve been simplifying life lately on Wednesday. This was the lunch counterpart to that outfit.

Calf Hair Wedge Espadrilles @TheFoxandShe
3. Statement Shoes
These calf hair wedge espadrilles have already been worn several times. They’re so comfortable and go with everything.

coffee table styling @TheFoxandShe
4. Settling In
We’re finally really getting settled in. I hung up all the pictures on the wall this week and still want to get a plant like this one for our bedroom, but it feels so much more like home!

shiba inu (aka the fox) @TheFoxandShe
5. Oliver
I think he gets annoyed when I take pictures of him like this, but he’s just too dang cute to not! He’s finally getting used to our new place, but still doesn’t like the turf in our dog run.

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