The Holiday Guide


If last week’s design wasn’t exciting enough for you, today should be! I’ve officially launched my first real holiday guide and I am over the moon with how it turned out! Especially after I realized just how long it would take to put the whole thing together. Blogging truly is a labor of love.

So, instead of just giving you a few gift guides over the next few weeks, I decided to switch it up. Yes, there’s lot of gift buying and giving during the season, so there’s still plenty of amazing ideas for you, but I wanted to add some of the other things that make the holidays so special. For us that means decorating our place, having more family meals and simply relaxing!

There’s also some holiday looks, an amazing brunch idea (plus recipes), a super easy cocktail and a whole series featuring my favorite soup recipes that I’ve created over the years (two are super healthy too!).

So, I won’t keep you waiting! All the good stuff is in there, so head over now and check it out! FYI, it’s best viewed in full-screen mode!

For more holiday content, you can click here or access it from the navigation at any time!

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