Gift Ideas for Kids

1. Thermal Pajamas | 2. Plaid Flight Hat | 3. Adidas Sneakers, more colors here | 4. Wooden Espresso Toy Set | 5. Rain Boots | 6. Animal Socks | 7. Floral Reindeer Hat | 8. Chukka Boot | 9. Snow Suit | 10. Parka with Faux Fur Trim | 11. Wonder Bib | 12. “The Ultimate Construction Site Book” | 13. Minna Mittens | 14. Wilderness Map Play Tent | 15. Quilted Jacket | 16. Police Toy Cruiser | 17. Wooden Camera Toy | 18. Musical Tiger Toy

Technically, last year was Owen’s first Christmas, but he was only 6 weeks old and slept through the majority of it. So, this year feels more like the first because he’ll actually, kind of, know what’s going on!

Even if he doesn’t really care what’s inside the boxes, he had a lot of fun unwrapping his birthday presents and playing with the paper and ribbons, so that should be entertaining!

If I’m being honest, we’re not giving Owen much for Christmas—I’m still not entirely sure what we will give him, but the reality is that we live in a small condo and he’s got a fair amount of toys already. I don’t want it to become to overwhelming. Especially at this age when he doesn’t totally care. He’s more interested in banging pot lids on the floor and dragging all of my kitchenware across the house—and those toys are free!

But, I couldn’t resist adding a few really cute toys to this year’s gift guide. I absolutely love all these adorable wooden toys. When he’s older, I actually think he would love the wooden espresso machine because always begs to be picked up while I’m making coffee at home. He’s mesmerized by my Nespresso machine, ha! I’d also love to get him one of these cute tents when he’s a little older.

One thing we always need though? Clothes. It’s wild how fast they outgrow them! Right now almost everything he has is too big, haha, but I figured I’d rather have a little room to grow than be too small again. This winter coat is so cute and I love these adorable striped Christmas pajamas. I also love these little boots! We’ve had such a hard time finding shoes in the right size. I’ve heard this is a pretty common thing though. It seems like EVERY brand has different sizing and makes it hard to figure out what size he ACTUALLY is. If I’m not sure, I just order both sizes and return the one that doesn’t fit.

We’ll be in Denver for Christmas with Rob’s family, so we might have to celebrate our little family Christmas at home before we go! How do you mamas handle that when you’re not spending Christmas day at your own home?

And, tell me what you’re getting your little ones for the holidays! I’m honestly pretty clueless on all of this still and would love to hear your ideas!

BTW, gift ideas for your guys, and tips for traveling with your baby.

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