Gifts for the Self-Care & Wellness Obsessed + Beautycounter ON SALE!

1. High Waist Leggings | 2. Vitruvi White Stone Diffuser & Essential Oils | 3. Shimmer & Shine Body Set (ON SALE!) | 4. Fitbit Charge 3 | 5. Wicked Good Sneakers | 6. Jade Facial Roller | 7. Om Gua Sha 3-Piece Face Kit | 8. Instant Awakening Trio (ON SALE!) | 9. Microneedling Facial Regeneration Tool | 10. Diamond Back Top | 11. Matcha Whisk & Vital Proteins Collagen Matcha (add a cute mug for a fun gift set!) | 12. LUNA Play Face Brush | 13. Ultra Soft Jogger Pants | 14. Charcoal Essentials (ON SALE!) | 15. Cropped Hoodie | 16. Glow and Go Mini Oils (ON SALE!) | 17. Hydro Flask Water Bottle | 18. Banana Leaf Yoga Mat | 19. Triggerpoint Foam Roller

Okay, this might have been my favorite gift guide to put together because I love everything in here and actually use/own almost all of them! I’m also really excited because I know a bunch of you are into wellness and self-care, so I hope you enjoy it too! Maybe you can send some hints 😉 Also, there is one MAJOR beauty sale that kicks off today, read on…

Beautycounter Holiday Sale

I’m so so SO excited to share this with you guys! Skincare and makeup products rarely go on sale, and especially Beautycounter. So many of you have told me you’re interested in making the switch to clean beauty, but just haven’t done it yet. Now is your chance to do it and save a ton—whoop! Starting today, get 15% off and FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50 (LOVE that)!!

My five favorite products that I use everyday are the:

  1. Cleansing Balm: removes makeup and leaves your skin feeling silk soft
  2. Resurfacing Peel: gets rid of dead skin and gives your skin that healthy glow! it’s helped a lot with breakouts and skin texture too!
  3. Hydrating Foundation: I’ve tried so many clean foundations and this is the only one I like—it goes on smooth, provides medium coverage and lasts! If you’re not sure of your shade, you can find yours here (I wear sand).
  4. Color Intense Lipstick: I used to HATE lipstick, but this has changed my tune. My favorite color is 9 to 5 and Girl’s Night is a fun bold red! I also love the Lip Sheers for color that’s not quite as bold.
  5. Rejuvenating Eye Cream: This is still my favorite eye cream. It has caffeine in it and really makes your eyes look awake which is MUCH-NEEDED as a mama!

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    If you want more suggestions and more of my favorites that I use everyday here.


    Yesterday, my sister Katherine (who wrote this post last week) made me do a BBG workout. I used to do them before I got pregnant and I don’t think I’d done one since then and they are KILLER! Anyway, it got me motivated to workout more often because I felt so great afterward. One thing that always keeps me motivated? Cute workout clothes! Some of my favorite workout leggings are these from Outdoor Voices and the high-waisted leggings from Beyond Yoga.

    I also went to yoga for the first time in forever last week and was reminded that I really need a new yoga mat and a water bottle (my favorite one cracked recently).

    Anyway, my point is that if you have a fitness lover in your family, any of these gifts are perfect! It’s stuff you don’t want to buy for yourself, but love having!


    Since having Owen, my self-care routine is precious to me! It’s my me-time (when I get it), but it makes me feel amazing and has been a huge help in reducing stress and healing my skin. I have this LUNA Play Foreo face brush and it has been huge in clearing my skin the past few months! I’m actually buying the rechargeable version—the Play is perfect for travel and lasts 100-150 uses. But, I have so much fewer blackheads since using it consistently.

    I also love my GlowPro—it helps to boost collagen production and has overall made my skin look so much better. I really want a jade roller, but haven’t tried one yet.

    Other Great Gifts

    I LOVE my Fitbit, I have the Versa, but I actually wish I had the Charge 3 because it’s smaller and I actually love wearing my watch. The Versa is a smart watch so it replaces that.

    One of my other favorites is this gorgeous Vitruvi diffuser. I’ve had several diffusers and this one is beautiful. It fits in with our decor and their essential oils are high-quality.

    Lastly, if you have a matcha lover, I think this would be such a fun gift. Collagen matcha, plus a whisk and a cute mug!

    One last sale today! Shopbop’s Tiered Sale starts today! I’m working on a roundup post for you guys for tomorrow, but in the meantime, go check it out!

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