2019 Holiday Gift Guide: For Her

gift guide for women

1. Chateau Parka, more colors | 2. Snakeskin Booties | 3. Special Edition Cleansing Balm (larger than normal) | 4. Spanx Faux Leather Leggings | 5. Cheetah Mules| 6. Get the Look Makeup Set | 7. Leather Travel Set | 8. Turtleneck Rib Sweater | 9. Veja Sneakers | 10. Faux Shearling Lined Puffer | 11. Golden Goose Sneakers | 12. Counter+ Favorites Set | 13. Nordic Boots, also come in black | 14. Wool Runners, more colors | 15. Small Structured Leather Tote | 16. Cocoon Coat | 17. Wrap Front Sweater | 18. Quilted Leather Shoulder Bag | 19. Regan Boot, more colors

This is the gift guide that I’m MOST excited about! I always have so much fun putting together the one for the girls, because it gets me thinking about what I would love to get and gift this year and really just makes me planning so much easier!

It also gives my sisters and mom ideas which makes life easier! You might notice that my gifts above are heavy in shoes—honestly, didn’t even plan for this, but I just think that shoes, boots, sneakers are such a good gift. They’re usually a little on the higher side and not something you just immediately run out and buy.

I also included some classic bags and coats, plus some basics like sweaters and these faux leather leggings that I finally caved and bought—I’m styling them on the blog later this week (I got a small) so stay tuned if you need some ways to wear them.

I included some more gifts below broken down by category for some more ideas too!


I just took a peek at Madewell and they have so many good pieces! I absolutely LOVE these boots (and also these). They always have the cutest fall and winter pieces that are so cozy and cute.

Sweaters are always a good gift, and something that my sisters always love. I adore this cozy grey one and this pretty green one with a cool knit pattern. Also, how cute is this colorblock sweater dress?! I’m obsessed!

Beauty Gifts

Beauty is one of those things that is tough to splurge on. Like, I want my skin to look awesome, but it can be hard justifying spending a lot of money that you can’t physically see when you put it on. But, I’m a big believer of investing in your skin, so I think it’s worth it. Which brings me to my next point—beauty makes for such a great gift for that reason alone.

People have trouble spending on themselves, so why not treat them! I linked a few great beauty gifts like the Dyson hairdryer—hint, hint Rob—and this gua sha set (I accidentally broke mine a month ago and I miss it!).

I’m also gifting some beauty sets myself. I bought these jellies and these hand creams for Owen’s teachers. And, for my family members, I picked up this Counter+ Favorites, Bright Eyes Treatment set (for myself and tired mama eyes), and the Glow & Go Mini Oils which were such a hit with you guys last week.

Domestic Goddess Gifts

One year I asked Rob for a vacuum. His mom told him he could absolutely NOT buy me a vacuum for a gift, haha, it made me laugh, but in hindsight, she was probably setting a good precedent. That being said, I did include a vacuum below because maybe you could gift yourself one?! Sounds silly, but I absolutely LOVE mine!

I also included a bunch of ideas for anyone who loves to cook. My Le Creuset has been one of my favorite and most-used items in our kitchen ever since I bought it 9 years ago! We got an Instant Pot last year and I’ve been shocked by how often I use it.

Fitness & Athleisure Gifts

I used to never buy nice athletic wear, but now I see why people do it. It makes working out so much more fun if you look the part. It also fits better and lasts longer, so it’s best to invest in something a little nicer from the get-go.

I love this cozy sherpa coat that would look so cute after a workout. These are my absolute favorite leggings—they’re so comfortable!


Spa: This is a gift I ask for on the regular. I LOVE getting facials and massages, but they’re not exactly cheap. It’s such a luxurious gift and something I absolutely love every single time. Two of my favorites in Chicago are Cowshed and Lena Rose.

Staycation: This (and the next one) are especially awesome if you have kids. It’s tough to get a whole week away, but a weekend can be SO amazing. Have your parents or a friend take your kids for the weekend and enjoy a couple of nights, or even just one night alone to go out, get dinner, drinks and sleep in late.

Trip: I’m starting to think that trips should be Rob & I’s anniversary present to ourselves since we’re not big on anniversary gifts—in fact, we’ve never done them. But, a trip?! Heck yes! This gift would be such a surprise and so much fun to get to go somewhere together.

Cooking Class: Rob got me a couples cooking class for my birthday last year and it was so much fun! Often times I just can’t think of anything I want, and loved getting to go do something together!

Concert or Comedy Show: For any music or comedy lovers, tickets to an upcoming show is another awesome experiential gift!

Happy shopping!

BTW, gifts under $50 and stocking stuffers, and 12 long sleeve black dresses perfect for holiday parties.

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