How to Maintain your Summer Glow

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The end of summer is always so bittersweet. I hate to see warm, long days turn cold and short, but I can’t help but be excited for fall leaves, layers, lattes, all of it! One thing that I always miss once fall is in full swing, though, is my glow. Summer brings an effortless dew to my skin, plus a little color is always appreciated (and don’t clothes just look better on sun-kissed skin?!).

I’m determined to ride out my glow, so here’s what I’m adding to my routine:

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A humidifier

Dry skin is the easiest way to lose my summer look, so I love using a humidifier to promote moisture. I actually bring this portable one when I travel since hotel rooms can be incredibly drying. Plus, it helps me to breathe better, so it’s an all-around win.


This trend is likely already part of your beauty routine, but if not, I highly recommend it! Especially once color on my face starts to fade, I become obsessed with highlighters. Lightly sweeping it where the sun naturally hits (cheekbones, ridge of your nose, arch under eyebrows, and your cupid’s bow) is an easy way to add a glow that replicates the real thing. This one is a classic.

Body and Face Oil

Lotion is key for keeping a glow and maintaining a tan, but come fall, I start applying oil on top of my normal lotion. Argan is my favorite because it’s not too sticky and dries quickly. This is a wonderful affordable option!

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Full Body Exfoliation

When it comes to getting rid of dry, dull skin, exfoliation is a must! I use a Clarisonic or this mask or this mask a few times a week. I find it best to exfoliate at the end of a shower (or right after) when my pores are open and I can rinse away shampoo + conditioner residue.

To keep the rest of my body looking glowy, I dry-brush for a few minutes before my shower. This technique promotes circulation and keeps my skin suuuper smooth. You can get one here.

Water & Clean Eating

Using external tricks definitely helps, but treating your body from within is really the best way to promote a glow.

Water is an obvious way to keep skin glowing, and I make sure to up my intake once it gets dry and cold out. Using a pretty water bottle is the easiest way to obtain this, so I treated myself to one. (You should too!)

Eating can provide even more hydration, plus feeding your body healthy, clean food eliminates toxins that lead to dull, blah skin. Sweet potatoes, celery, green peppers, and spinach come into heavy rotation in my house during fall. Also, I do this year-round, but limiting sodium (and alcohol, boo!, I know) is a perfect way to avoid bloating and non-glowy skin!

How do you maintain your summer skin? What do I need to add in?

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Today’s post is written by contributor Chelsea Becker, a San Diego native, living and writing in San Francisco. Follow her on Instagram & Pinterest.

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