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One thing I’ve loved about Chicago is that you don’t have to have a car. When we first moved here, Rob and I both sold our cars and it’s been fantastic. The public transit is amazing; you can easily get around on foot and avoid Chicago traffic by taking the ‘el’. We also don’t have to worry about car payments, insurance or expensive parking in Chicago.

But now and then, I really miss having a car.

I miss the freedom it allows me! It used to be so easy to get to a new area of town or take a quick day trip to a nearby town. Or to even be able to quickly run all of my errands at once! I miss being able to make a huge grocery haul that would be too heavy to carry on my own, or heck, to simply hop in the car and meet a friend for lunch or coffee.

After a few years of living in Chicago, I’ve realized that I’m not the only one who feels this way and there’s an actual solution. It’s called car-sharing, and you’ve probably heard of it, but it was totally foreign concept to me when I first arrived. Then I walked out of our apartment one day, saw a sign for Enterprise CarShare and enrolled. It didn’t hurt that the pickup location was pretty perfect, and definitely better than any parking I could have found in my neighborhood.

la colombe coffee chicago

la colombe coffee

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Last week, I had a bunch of errands, photo shoots and a lunch date scheduled, so I went ahead and booked the car for the day! Here’s what my day looked like…

Stop 1: Dropped Donations

I had just cleaned out my closet the day before and had a whole bunch of donations to drop. Not the sexiest thing to do with a car, but totally something I can’t do without one!

Stop 2: Coffee

But first, coffee! Cliché, yes, but getting to go to a different coffee shop in a different neighborhood in the middle of the week is a luxury to me! I had picked up Shaheen and we went straight to La Colombe to get our coffee fix. We lingered for a bit and caught up which was a nice alternative to my usual morning routine.

Stop 3: Shoot!

Getting to actually go to some new spots to shoot is always a perk of having a car. We went to several spots throughout West Loop to vary the backgrounds for photos. West Loop has tons of cool restaurants, murals and industrial looking spots—which make for great backdrops for photos! And, I finally got to wear these cute shoes and fun sunglasses!

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city winery
city winery

Stop 4: Lunch at City Winery

We actually went to lunch here once last year and had the most amazing burrata of our lives, so, naturally, we went again. It’s located on Randolph, but it’s much further West than some of the really popular spots. We got a great spot by the window and indulged in their burrata before our lunch came. It’s definitely quiet in there during lunch, but we didn’t mind!

Stop 5: Work

After our shoots and lunch were done, it was time to chill out for a bit. We drove to Soho House and set up shop for a couple of hours that afternoon.

Stop 6: Grocery

My last stop of the day was the grocery store. Guys, having a car when you go to the grocery is something you should never take for granted! Typically I have to go to the grocery several times a week, which isn’t terrible because we live close to three of them, but some days I just want to open the fridge and already have it done! I had made a list before so I could take full advantage and got all the necessary groceries for the week! I also decided to get some fresh flowers and a bottle of wine for dinner. Why not?!

best burrata in chicago

enterprise car share

By the time I got home, I’d had a full, productive day and was ready to just relax. Isn’t it easier to chill out when you feel like you’ve accomplished so much?! I’m so thankful that I discovered the car-sharing phenomenon! It allows me to live city life, but have the comforts and luxury of my own car whenever I need it!

Do you live in a city where you don’t need a car? If so, have you tried car-sharing? If you’re interested in checking out Enterprise CarShare, click here and select your city. You can sign up free and get your first year membership free (plus $20 in driving credits) by entering promo code BLOG16.

BTW, what really happens behind the scenes, and a plaid coat and lady lunch date.

*This post was sponsored by Enterprise CarShare, as always, all opinions are my own. Promotional rates available in select markets. Thank you for supporting the brands that make The Fox & She possible!

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