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How to Tie a Hair Scarf 7 Ways

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As I’ve been growing out my hair and wearing it wavy more often, I’ve found myself pulling out my old hair scarves. I used to wear these all the time in the summer as a way to keep my hair out of my face and have found myself reaching for them once again—I’m so grateful I didn’t toss them out during those years where I straightened my hair a bunch. 

how to tie a hair scarf

What I love about wearing a hair scarf is that it’s a simple way to add a pop of color to your outfit, extend your last hair wash another few days with the help of some dry shampoo, an easy way to hide a bad hair day and add an interesting and unexpected element to your overall look. Best of all, scarves can be so affordable and when you’re not using them in your hair they can be tied onto the handle of your tote bag or tied around your neck. 

These hair accessories versatile and fun, so let’s get into the details of what makes a good hair scarf good, how to keep them secure on your head and I’m showing you a7 different ways to tie your hair scarf too.

3 Hacks for How to Tie a Hair Scarf

Wearing a hair scarf is such a fun way to infuse some personality into your outfit or give it a bohemian vibe. You can wear these. warm weather or cold weather, though you might decide on a different fabric for different times of the year. These simple hacks will ensure you get it right every time.

What Size & Shape of Scarf Should I Use?

Most will be a square scarf and that’s the perfect shape for your hair scarf. Occasionally you’ll find pre-tied scarves with elastic that are ready to just be put on, more like a headband style. 

how to fold a silk hair scarf

As for size, I typically find that my square scarves are either around 20×20″ or larger—27×27″ and up—as long as it can wrap around your head, you’re good. You can any either size, but depending on which look you are going for, you may need a specific size.

What Material Should My Scarf Be?

Most hair scarves you find will be made of silk or a silk-like material. These are great because they don’t add a lot of bulk to your hair, but can be frustrating because the slippery nature of the material can make it hard to keep on your head. 

If you have smooth, straight hair, a cotton scarf material may be a better option for keeping it on your head as it has a little more tooth to it and will hold better.

How to Keep Your Scarf On

Like I mentioned, a silk scarf can be challenging to keep on your head and you don’t want to have to be adjusting it all day long. You can start by placing your hair scarf closer to your forehead. The further back on you head it is, the more likely it is to slip off. 

Wearing your hair scarf on days when your hair isn’t freshly washed can also make it easier to keep in one place. 

Lastly, you can secure it with bobby pins to make sure it stays put. This can be especially helpful if you’re wearing your scarf outdoors or to the beach where you’ll likely encounter some wind.

Hair Scarves to Try:

There are so many gorgeous scarves out there, and these are just a few that I found and loved! You may already have one in your closet too!

How to Tie a Hair Scarf 7 Different Ways

Now that we have the basics down, let’s talk about some different methods of scarf tying. These different styles range from girly to preppy to bohemian, so take your pick and wear what fits your personal style best. You’ll want to avoid tying a loose knot, as this won’t keep your head scarf securely in place.

How to Fold a Hair Scarf

Step 1: Start with your square scarf folded print-side down.

how to fold a hair scarf

Step 2: Fold it in half diagonally so it makes a triangle shape.

how to fold a hair scarf

Step 3: Start folding in the short end.

how to fold a hair scarf

Step 4: Continue folding it over itself, make sure it’s the width you want it to be at the end.

hair scarf

Step 5: Do your final fold until it’s a long band. Tie it onto your head with the smooth, unfolded part in the front, and the folded part towards the back.

You won’t need to fold it like this for every style below, but for the headband and ponytail styles, this is the best method for folding your scarf.

Headband Tie

how to tie a head scarf

This is probably the most simple and straightforward way to tie your hair scar. You’ll simply pull your hair into a ponytail or clip while you tie and then let it down. Start by taking your scarf and folding it in half diagonally so it makes a triangle. Then with the smallest edge, start folding it over itself until it looks like a long, slim band. Place it on the top front of your head and tie at the back of your neck, then let your hair down. If it’s slipping, you can secure with bobby pins on the side behind your ears.

Twisted Headband Tie

how to tie a hair scarf

This tie is similar to the above, but gives you a cool twisted knot on the top of your head. For this one, you’ll need a larger hair scarf, at least 27×27″ and likely longer because you’ll be it around your head twice.

Fold it in half and taking the small end fold it over itself until it’s one long strip. Place it behind your head and pull over the top. Twist it once and then tie it at the back in a simple knot. The knot behind will be small, but it’s nice to not have the extra fabric.

Bandana Tie

how to tie a hair scarf

This is so simple and so easy and a great way to keep your hair out of your face or hide your dirty hair. Start with a square head scarf and simply fold the scarf in half and place it on top of your head. and tie the skinny ends underneath your hair. You can wear your hair down or in a ponytail with this style.

It has a boho look to it and is perfect for casual outfits.

Half-Up Tie

how to tie a hair scarf

I love wearing my hair half way down because it still looks more dressy, but my hair is pulled back enough that it’s off my face. Tying a scarf to your half way up style is such a fun way to add a little personality and a bohemian touch to your look. Put your hair up in a half way style with a rubber band and then wrap your scarf into a thin strip and then tie around your rubber band and secure with a single knot.

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Ponytail Wrap

how to tie a hair scarf

This is very similar to the above,but instead, you pull your hair into a high or low ponytail, whatever you prefer and wrap your scarf around your hairband. You can use a longer scarf here for a more dramatic effect, or a short one for a smaller burst of color.

Bun Wrap

how to tie a hair scarf

I love this low maintenance easy hairstyle. It’s perfect for days when maybe your hair could use a wash, but you haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Simply put your hair up in a bun—Personally I prefer a low bun, and then fold the scarf over until it’s more of a thin strip and wrap around your bun, tying it into a small secure knot.

For this style, a smaller scarf will be better so there’s not as much fabric to work with unless you have really thick hair!

Bohemian Head Wrap

how to tie a hair scarf

Lastly, the classic bohemian head wrap. For me, this isn’t a style I would wear daily, but I do think it looks great at the beach or poolside as it helps keep flyaways out of your hair and can protect your hair from sun damage. That’s especially important if you have colored hair. My husband said reminded him of Rachel McAdams in “Wedding Crashers”—ha!

To create this look, fold a large silk scarf, the one I’m using here is 27×27″ in half diagonally so it makes a triangle shape. Place the scarf on forehead and then wrap the two ends around the back, securing the back of it down with a firm knot so it doesn’t blow away.

There you have it, 7 easy ways to tie a hair scarf and add a unique look to your outfit!

BTW, the best sandals for spring and summer, and how to wear white pants.



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