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modern eclectic bedroom

1. Stonecrest Swing Arm Lamps, these plug into an outlet—perfect for rentals | 2. Swedesbro Coverlet | 3. Mudcloth Lumbar Pillow | 4. Josette Side Tables | 5. Harper Bed in Ivory | 6. Simple Linen Quilt | 7. Eva Tassel Pillows | 8. La Messina Patterned Rug

Last week, I showed you guys the new quilt I bought for our bedroom. I’ve been itching to make changes in here for a very long time.

But, here’s the deal.

We live in a rental, our fifth in eight years, and after the first four, I really started getting frustrated with spending money investing on making our home look nice. This last place, I sort of gave up for the first year. Then, I got re-motivated and made some changes in our living room, which I love! And, now, our bedroom is taking center stage.

It’s felt a little too matchy-matchy for my liking and our old bedding reminded me of Christmas (probably because we got it during the holidays last year). Oliver had also yanked out the stitching on parts of the coverlet, so it wasn’t looking quite as nice anyway.

One of my all-time favorite designers is Amber Interiors. She does such an amazing job of mixing textures, colors and patterns for a cozy, lived-in and collected over-time look. I absolutely love it. She uses a lot of earthy tones and pops of blue which makes everything feel so calm and homey.

modern eclectic bedroom

1. Eva Tassel Pillows| 2. Waffle Throw | 3. Luna Nightstand | 4. Waucoba Swing Arm Lamp, also a plug-in option | 5. Harper Bed in Ivory | 6. Indigo Lumbar Pillow | 7. Simple Linen Quilt | 8. Ellington Hand-Tufted Rug

That’s actually where I got the idea and bought our green quilt! Now that we’ve got a starting point, I’m ready to fill in the rest of the details!

We spend even more time indoors during the winter months, so having our place cozy and comfortable is essential! Also, a great time to refresh your guest bedrooms before the holidays! We do not have a guest room right now, but can’t wait for that in the future, ahah!

I don’t want to spend a crazy amount of money, but at the same time, I don’t want cheap stuff. I’ve had my fair share of cheap furniture over the years, and it ends up being more expensive in the long-run because I don’t totally love it and it doesn’t last as long. So, I’m okay with investing in some pieces—especially a rug and nice side tables.

I came up with both of these designs and honestly, I love them both! I have no idea how I’m going to decide on one, hah! What do you think?

BTW, 15 eclectic dining rooms, and 17 reasons your space needs a colorful kilim.



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