Microneedling—Is it Worth the Hype?

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One beauty trend I’ve been dying to try is microneedling. Have you guys heard of it? I hadn’t until a few weeks ago and was intrigued! As someone who’s suffered (and continues to) with breakouts as an adult, I get pretty excited about any new product or tool that promises to help my skin heal. I’ve learned that your skin’s health starts with what’s inside and maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle is a big factor in how your skin looks, but how we treat it and what we put on it can make a big difference as well!

If you haven’t heard of microneedling, it’s a skin treatment that rolls hundreds of tiny needles across your face creating miniature wounds, which sounds awful! But, all those little wounds triggers your body to produce collagen and elastin, thus improving your skin. If you’re using it regularly, you’ll see results even faster! It can help reduce the look of fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars, and give your skin better tone and texture with continued use. After learning all that, I was down to try it!

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glo pro review

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My GloPRO arrived from Nordstrom a little over two weeks ago, and I’ve been using it 3 times a week for the past two weeks and I’m happy to report that so far, so good! It only takes a few minutes, so it doesn’t make my nighttime routine much longer and I can really tell that my products are getting deeper into my skin!

I roll it over my skin about 4 times all over and then a few extra times on areas that are scarred or have fine lines. Immediately after that, I apply an anti-aging serum—right now this one from Tata Harper is my go-to because it also helps with brightening which is great for hyper-pigmentation and scarring. There’s no doubt it’s a splurge, but you only need one pump each use and I don’t use it every night, so it lasts longer. After that dries, I put on a hydrating night cream or facial oil and eye cream before going to bed.


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GloPro review

It’s best to use the GloPRO at night while your skin and body goes into detoxing and healing mode! The tool can leave your face a little blushed too, so it’s definitely not something you’d want to do just before going out or waking up in the morning. You definitely don’t want to put makeup on just after using it either!

I was worried that it would hurt. I mean, hundreds of needles being rolled across my face?! Ouch! But, it really doesn’t. I mean, it doesn’t necessarily feel good, but it doesn’t really hurt either, just feels a little tingly. After a few times, you’ll be used to it!

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So, is it worth the hype? Sure, it’s only been a few weeks since I’ve been regularly using it, but my skin is the smoothest and clearest it’s been in years. So my vote is a YES! Seriously guys, that’s a big deal for me! I know that my diet changes are also playing a part in this, but I can tell that my skin is healing faster than before and the overall tone and texture looks so much better! I’m excited to continue seeing the results as I use it longer.

Have you tried microneedling before? What was your experience with it? If you haven’t tried it—would you?!

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