6 Skincare Trends That Actually Work

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Over the past year, my beauty routine has shifted and evolved as I continue to try new things to get my skin looking it’s best. To say I’ve become obsessed with skincare might be an understatement! I’ve struggled with breakouts pretty much my entire life, but it wasn’t until the past year that I really started taking a deeper look at what was causing them. Yes, I did inherit my dad’s oily skin, but I knew there had to be something I could do that didn’t include a prescription drug.

During the last trimester of my pregnancy, my skin started breaking out more. Not only were my hormones probably a mess, I found that I was really worried and fearful of child birth. It’s funny to look back now after it’s over and know that it was inevitable and worrying didn’t help at all! I already know I’ll be so much calmer and less worried with baby number two (but that is not happening anytime soon!). I was excited to see my skin clear up post-birth, but just when I thought I’d get a break, my skin got worse postpartum. A lot worse.

Maybe you haven’t noticed, but underneath my makeup, my skin looks a lot like it did when I was in my teenage years. While I know my body is going through a lot of changes—hormones, breastfeeding and more—it’s still equally as frustrating to be breaking out like this at 30 years old. This was a big reason why I finally decided to visit the functional medicine doctor (more on that next week). But, other than that I’ve tried just about every skincare trend that I’ve read about! I’ve done everything from washing my face with honey, to not washing my face at all and everything in between.

Everyone’s skin is different, so what works for someone else might not work for you, but I wanted to share a few skincare trends that I’ve seen success with!

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glo pro microneedling tool

Skincare Trends That Work

1. Microneedling

It sounds painful, but it really isn’t! I recently bought the GloPRO Microneedling Regeneration Tool and it arrived last week so I’ve been testing it since then! So far, I’m loving it! I’m going to share another post in a few weeks after I test it a little longer, so stay tuned for that. But, anyway, microneedling is exactly what it sounds like. You essentially roll hundreds of tiny needles over your face that create micro wounds on your skin to spur healing by promoting collagen and elastin production to give your skin that radiant glow we all want! You can go to a professional and have it done, but now the at-home tools are so good, you don’t really need to.

From what I’ve read, the biggest difference in the professional treatment is the size of the needles. The ones meant for at-home use are smaller and less invasive, which means you can use it more frequently—I’ve been doing it 3x a week. The GloPRO is a bit of an investment, but if you were to do this professionally, 1-2 sessions would cost the same, so why not have it forever?!

I’d heard amazing reviews on the GloPRO and I can’t wait to share the results after a few weeks! Like I said, I haven’t had it long yet, but I do feel like my skin looks plumper and smoother the morning after I’ve used it! The one caveat to microneedling this is you need to be careful about doing it if you have breakouts because it could end up spreading bacteria, which can led to more breakouts. So, as tempting as it can be, wait until your skin is healed (or at least avoid those broken out areas) before trying!

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2. Multi-Masking

You guys already know that I love face masks! I use them several times a week and they help hugely with making my skin look brighter, more hydrated and clearer. Maybe you’re already using face masks regularly, but have you tried multi-masking?

Essentially this means you apply multiple masks at one time to different areas of your face for specific purposes. Maybe your T-zone is really oily, but your cheeks and sides of your face look a little dull. Instead of applying the same mask all over, try a clay mask like this Kiehl’s ‘Rare Earth’ Deep Pore Cleansing Mask on your T-Zone and a brightening mask, like this Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque on your cheeks and other areas you didn’t use the clay mask!

I got both of these at Nordstrom, one of my favorite places to shop for quality beauty and skincare products. The selection is huge, so it’s nice to know I can get everything I need in one order.


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3. Lymphatic Drainage Massage

One of the last facials I had included a lymphatic drainage massage. I’d never heard of it before, but now I do this a couple times a week at home after watching this video. It promotes the clearing of your lymphs and can help with detoxification and can help reduce inflammation. It’s really simple to do at home and feels really relaxing! The upside, it helps clear your skin!

I remember going into this facial and I was actually a little bummed that I could only get the “basic facial” because I was pregnant and this was the only one that had all organic ingredients. But, to my surprise, my skin was looking better and better each day after that facial. Another reminder that breakouts start with what’s happening on the inside! I would highly recommend this type of facial and doing it several times a week at home to keep breakouts at bay.

4. Oil Cleansing

I wrote a whole post on oil cleansing here. For someone with oily skin, this always seemed counterintuitive, but when I’m oil cleansing regularly, my skin looks it’s best. The only downside is that it takes a little longer than simply washing your face and some days I just don’t have the time or energy! I’m trying to make the time for it though because it really works so well!


foreo facial cleansing brush

5. Facial Brushes

Okay, so these aren’t that new, but if you haven’t tried a facial brush, I highly recommend you do! I’ve been loving this Foreo Luna Play Facial Cleansing Brush. It’s super small and compact and makes it easy to take with me when I travel. The material is great because you don’t have to buy new brushes when they wear out and it feels more sanitary to me than a brush!

It definitely gives you a much deeper cleanse than you’d be able to get with washing with your hands alone and is always step two in my skincare routine after I’ve removed my makeup. I also love that it’s reasonably priced, this mini version is only $39!

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6. Light Therapy

This one is actually one I haven’t tried, but one that I really want to. There’s been a lot of studies and research on how light and energy can affect our skin and cells and it’s really intriguing. It makes sense though! Just think about how much happier you are on a sunny day versus a gloomy grey one. Clearly, light and energy have big effects on our bodies, so it makes sense to me that the right kind of light frequency could do wonders for your complexion.

There are products like blemish pens, masks and other cool light therapy tools that do the same thing. I’m really excited to try this, but haven’t done it just yet. Have you tried it? What light masks or other products do you recommend?
What skincare trends have you tried that have worked? Any that backfired?!

BTW, simple natural makeup in 5 minutes, and how to deal with postpartum skin issues.

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