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My Honest NuDerma High Frequency Wand Review (& How to Use It)

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Sharing my honest NuDerma high frequency wand review, plus how to use it for the best results that will give you glowing skin that boosts your confidence!

how to use nuderma

I’ve dealt with acne, breakouts, hyperpigmentation and melasma for what seems like my whole teen and adult life, so when a friend gifted me this NuDerma High Frequency Wand (shop here), I was thrilled to see if it could combat some of my skin issues that weren’t being fixed by topical creams and oils alone.

What I wasn’t expecting was to become completely obsessed with this thing within one week of using it.

Yes, it’s really that good.

I love that more and more of the fancy tools that you used to have to go to your aesthetician for are becoming available for us to use at home.

I fully admit that I have purchased other beauty tools in the past with big promises, only to be left disappointed. Those tools end up neglected in my beauty shelf, never to be used again. But this one is one I find myself pulling out almost every night, if not every other night despite it having several attachments—I promise, it’s really easy to use!

A tool like this one, in combination with a healthy diet, good skincare routine and plenty of sleep will definitely help improve your skin from the inside out. So, let’s dive in!

How Does the NuDerma High Frequency Wand work?

To be honest, when I first received this, I asked no questions about how it worked. I simply read the instructions and trusted it, but as I was writing this review, I wanted to know exactly what it was doing that led to such great results.

It uses high-frequency electrotherapy to rejuvenate and improve the overall health of skin. The high-frequency current stimulates cellular turnover, increases blood circulation, and promotes collagen production, thereby aiding in the reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, and acne. Additionally, the wand helps to improve skin elasticity and enhance the absorption of skincare products.

As the electrical current passes through the glass tubes, it generates a gentle warmth, which is actually really relaxing and also helps to eliminate bacteria and inflammation. This makes it a versatile tool for both anti-aging and acne-prone skincare routines—or both if you’re in my shoes!


Benefits of Using a High Frequency Wand

Fine Lines & Wrinkles

The high frequency current stimulates collagen production. This improves the skin’s elasticity and softens fine lines and wrinkles, especially when you’re using it regularly. I found that after a couple of days use, my skin looked and felt more tight.

Reduces Pore Size

This was one of the first things I noticed after the first week, my pores looked smaller. As someone who has always had oily, breakout prone skin, the texture of my skin was vastly improved within just a couple of weeks. Smoother, less rough texture and smaller-looking pores. This happens because it reduces oil production and tightens skin and I’m here for it!

Reduces Acne & Breakouts

The high-frequency current has anti-microbial properties that help reduce acne, breakouts and inflammation. I’ve noticed that not only do any breakouts go away quickly, I’m getting less and less. If a blemish does come up, I focus a little extra attention on that area and the next day it’s gone or nearly gone!

Improved Product Absorption

The increased permeability of the skin allows active ingredients in serums and creams to penetrate more effectively, maximizing their benefits. What good is all that fancy skincare if your skin can’t actually absorb it?

Stimulates Hair Growth

This was one thing I wasn’t expecting, but was excited to see. There’s a comb attachment for healthier hair. This was especially exciting since I’ve been working on growing healthier, stronger hair. The electric current can promotes enhanced blood circulation, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles. It also helps to reduce inflammation, which is associated with certain hair loss conditions.

Use at Home

Best of all, you get to use this lovely device from the comfort of your own home. As far as skin tools go, it’s an affordable one that has a myriad of benefits. It only takes a few minutes to use and has incredible results.

Step-by-Step Guide on Using your High Frequency Wand

Okay honestly, if you’re not ready to run out and grab one for yourself after that, then maybe you already have perfect skin! Whether you have clear or breakout prone skin, this is a wonderful way to keep it looking it’s best and preventing future breakouts. Now, let’s talk about exactly how to use your NuDerma high frequency wand!

how to use nuderma high frequency wand

Step 1: Cleanse your Face

Before you begin, make sure your skin has been cleansed and you have a lightweight moisturizer on. The set comes with a small bottle of their serum. I found that to be a bit sticky and it made it hard for the glass to slide across the skin. I’ve used water-based products based on their recommendation.

As always, make sure to read the instructions before you move on!

Step 2: Set Up Glass Tubes

The basic set (which is what I have) comes with 4 glass tube attachments:

  • Mushroom Tube: Treats large areas like your cheeks, forehead, chin (I also use it on my neck)
  • Spot Tube: Targets specific blemishes and small spots, great for concentrated power on blemishes!
  • Tongue Tube: Contoured tube for under eyes and nasolabial folds
  • Comb Tube: Promotes a healthy scalp and thick hair

Obviously, you can only use one at a time. Personally, I start with the mushroom tube and do a couple of minutes over the majority of my face, under my chin and neck.

To place a tube in the device, gently press down from the base of it, not the top. You don’t want to break them!

Step 3: Turn on NuDerma High Frequency Wand

This sounds simple enough—plug it in and turn the knob on the bottom. You should have your finger on the glass tube before turning it on to ground it. Then place the end on you skin and then you can remove your finger. If you don’t, you might feel a slight static shock that’s not harmful, but doing it this way helps avoid that.

It has settings from 1-5 and I’ve only used it up to setting 3. It provides a nice warm, a little bit of tingle and great results.

When using your wand, don’t hold it in one place the whole time, move it around in small circles. Do each area for 10-15 seconds. If you have blemishes, you can use the spot tool and tap it onto your blemish a few times, holding for just a few seconds.

Step 4: Swap Tubes & Repeat

Before swapping tubes, power down your NuDerma wand. Pull the tube from the base, not the top. You don’t want to risk breaking it as this could also hurt you. Next I use the tongue tube for areas around my nose and under my eyes. Then I use the spot tube for any specific trouble areas.

Lastly, I use the comb hair and run it through brushed hair for a couple of minutes.

high frequency wand

Step 5: Clean your Tubes & Store

Before you put your glass tubes and wand away, make sure to clean them. First, remove the glass tubes from the wand, then spray them with rubbing alcohol and wipe down with a clean towel or paper towel. I store them in the box they came in because everything fits perfectly.

Store until you use them next! Yes, I know it can be a pain to pull it all out and then put it away, but it only takes a few minutes!

Common Skin Concerns It’s Can Help With

As a reminder, since we talked about most of these before, this amazing tool that’s under $100 can help with

Acne & Blemishes: Antimicrobial properties make it effective in targeting and eliminating acne-causing bacteria, as well as reducing inflammation and promoting faster healing of blemishes—some of mine were gone the next day

Fine Lines & Wrinkles: Stimulates collagen production and improves blood circulation, which can contribute to reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles over time, promoting a more youthful complexion

Uneven Skin Tone: Improved blood circulation can enhance the overall health of the skin, leading to a more even skin tone and a reduction in redness

Pore Size: the skin tightening benefit can contribute to minimizing the appearance of enlarged pores giving the skin a smoother and more refined texture

Dull Skin: The increased cellular activity and improved circulation can impart a healthy glow to the skin, revitalizing dull and fatigued-looking complexion—seriously, it adds such a glow overtime!

Oily & Congested Skin: Antimicrobial properties and improved circulation may help address excess oil production and reduce congestion in the skin, I’ve really found this to be true!

Hair & Scalp Health: Can stimulate hair follicles, promoting healthier hair growth and addressing certain scalp concerns

Common Questions

How Often Should You Use your NuDerma High Frequency Wand?

You can use it daily, but if you find that your skin is extra sensitive, aim for every other day. I recommend using it for a few minutes, usually about 5-7 total with face, neck and hair.

Where Can I Buy a NuDerma High Frequency Wand?

You can buy them easily online, my go-to spot is Amazon because I’m a prime member and the shipping is simply too fast to pass up! I also found another version at Walmart. You can click on either of these below to purchase!

What Should I Put on my Face Before I Use the Wand?

The wand comes with a serum that they recommend, I personally found it to dry out and get sticky which made it hard to move the wand across my skin without pulling on my skin. I usually cleanse my face and put on a simple water-based lotion. If your skin is clean and dry, you can use the wand with nothing on it as well.

Is it Painful?

Not at all! If you do experience any discomfort, try lowering your settings. I’d describe the feeling as a light tingling sensation that’s also warm, but relaxing.

How Long Until You See Results?

I could tell a difference in my breakouts after one use, but with continued use, I noticed a major reduction in breakouts, redness, inflammation and smaller looking pores after a couple of weeks. The key is being consistent and use it at least every other night for best results!

This NuDerma high frequency wand is such a great bang for your buck. If you’re looking to up your skincare game, prevent breakouts and slow down the aging process, this tool is for you. I’ve been so happy with the results and ease of use and I hope you experience the same thing when you use it. Grab your own wand today and start experiencing the life-changing confidence good skin can give you.

BTW, Isle of Paradise tanning drops review, and how to curl your hair with a flat iron.



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