Living Room Reveal

boho living room

Brandt Rug in Beige/Grey | Quinn Ottoman | Sloan Sectional in Wheat Cross Weave | Caitlin Chair in Palomino Leather | Horse Print | Calm Collective Print | Pillow from Sew & Cloth and My Haven Home | Shelves | Sideboard from MegMade

It’s finally done guys! I’m so excited that we finally finished our living room in time for the holidays and the rest of winter since we spend so much time in here.

When I first decided it was time for a change, I had a few goals. I wanted it to be more grown-up and less brightly colored, very comfortable, and also layered, as if we’d put the room together over years, instead of just within a few months. The end result is just that, and we absolutely love it!

A big thanks to Interior Define for partnering with us on our Sloane sectional and Cailtin chair (a full review of these two pieces is coming next week), and Margaret Rajic who took these gorgeous photos! If you need an interior photographer, she’s your girl!

bohemian living room

boho living room

eclectic living room

Bohemian Eclectic Living Room


As much as I loved our old colored one, I was ready for something a bit more muted and grown-up looking. I found this one on sale at Wayfair and love the way it looks. It was only $170 which is still insane to me and looks so nice! It is pretty thin, but we find that it’s better that way because Owen doesn’t trip on it.

Coffee Table/Ottoman

This was really the foundational piece of the whole room! Ever since I saw these coffee table/ottomans in Amber Interiors photos, I knew I had to have one. And as soon as Owen started pulling himself up, we immediately got rid of our old live edge wood coffee table. The sharp edges made me so nervous!

I found this one on One King’s Lane and we absolutely love it. I love the stripes and fabric on it, and the size is perfect! Owen can’t hurt himself on it either, which is great! When he’s a little older and less prone to yanking everything off it, I’d love to have a tray on it so we can put drinks, coffee table books, etc., but for now, it’s usually empty, ha!

Sectional & Chair

We love both our new Sloan Sectional and Caitlin Chair from Interior Define SO much. It’s made our whole living room so much cozier and the fabrics have been great with Owen and Oliver and they’re super comfortable. I’m sharing a whole review on those next week and how we decided on our specific pieces and fabrics, as well as the whole process in store (which is really fun by the way!).

striped ottoman

leather armchair

bar cart and sideboard


Etsy is my go-to shop for pillows and is where all of ours are from. The other cool thing is these are made from vintage fabrics which means they are truly one of a kind! I linked to some similar ones here from the shops I ordered from, but most of them were one of a kind. I love mixing and matching these for a cool, relaxed bohemian look. They seriously pulled the room together and added just a touch of color.

My two favorite shops are Sew & Cloth and My Haven Home.


I love this horse print so much and I get asked about it all the time. I got it from Minted and love their prints. They’re high-quality and well-priced! My other favorite print is from Cassandra’s Calm Collective shop and I can’t find it anymore, but she has so many gorgeous ones!

styled shelves

how to style shelves


This corner was super awkward for a very long time and I finally found the perfect shelving for this little corner. I love how the black shelves looks in here and it’s been fun to put some of our pretty little knick-knacks and books since we can no longer keep them on the coffee table!


This was one of the first pieces of furniture I bought when Rob and I first got married. I found it at MegMade, still one of my favorite places to find unique pieces that are also customizable! You can’t get this exact one, but she always has new pieces so make sure to check back often, or visit her shop so you can pick your exact piece to have it customized exactly how you like.

boho living room

eclectic living room


My go-to spot for really high-quality plants is Gethsemane’s in the north side of Chicago. But, Home Depot is a great spot as well and a bunch of our plants are from there too!

We’re so happy it’s finally done!

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