Our Newborn Essentials

1. BabyBjorn Bouncer | 2. Bottles | 3. Convertible Crib | 4. InfantOptics Baby Monitor | 5. Play Gym | 6. BabyBjorn Baby Carrier | 7. Stroller and Car Seat Combo | 8. Tummy Time Play Mat | 9. Boon Lawn Bottle Dryer | 10. Muslin Burp Cloths | 11. NoseFrida | 12. Travel Crib | 13. Gerber Onesies (I found that these ran a little small!)

Crazy enough, I have so many friends that are pregnant right now and they are all due within about 2 months of each other! So wild, but I actually felt like that’s what happened when I was pregnant. I had 2 other friends that had the same due date as me, and several more within a month of Owen.

One of my friends will be a first-time mom. She called me up to check her registry and ask what else she really needed for baby. You know, some of the not-so-sexy things like nose suckers and bottles. I’ve also heard from some of you that you’re expecting soon too—congrats!

I thought it might be helpful to pull together some of the stuff that I was really thankful we had when Owen arrived, especially in those first 3 months. Walmart has such an amazing selection of baby gear from so many different brands. It’s nice that it makes it a one-stop shop for everything you need. And, their shipping is always quick and reliable!

Bouncer: We used this so often when he was little. It was the perfect for setting him in while I was cooking or cleaning. He could watch me and look around instead of just laying down on the floor or in his crib. This bouncer folds up super flat, so when we weren’t using it, it was really easy to store under the couch.

NoseFrida: I also recommend the bulb sucker for when they’re itty bitty, but as he got older and his nose got a little bit bigger, the NoseFrida is amazing! A little gross, but very effective! The saline spray helps a ton too.

Bottles: Even if you plan on breastfeeding, it’s good to have some bottles on hand, just in case! Some babies don’t take well to breastfeeding, and while you try and figure it all out, they still need to get milk, so having these on hand is essential!

BabyBjorn Baby Carrier: You can use whichever baby carrier suits you, but this ended up being the most used one at our house. I love the look the fabric wrap ones, but admittedly was never that great at putting it on. This one is super easy and minimal too.

What were your absolute must-have newborn essentials?!

Thanks to Walmart, a brand I love and trust, for sponsoring this post! Thanks for supporting the brands that make The Fox & She possible!

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