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Hello and happy Monday, I’m writing to you from Colorado this morning! We planned this trip about a month ago and I’ve been looking forward to it ever since. We originally had planned on flying into Aspen, but a forest fire rerouted us through Grand Junction. That meant I got to fly solo with Owen on two flights—haha, we survived!

We landed and my parents graciously picked us up and drove us back to Aspen another two hours. It was definitely a full day of traveling, but we are so happy to be here! Let’s hope Owen’s sleep schedule isn’t totally wrecked after today. P.S. If you need help packing for your baby, click here to get my infant & baby packing list!

If I could have things my way, I would spend a month in Colorado every summer. Getting off the plane and smelling that fresh, piney air is my happy place. I feel instantly more relaxed and at peace. After a few days here, I feel so zen and everything just feels right. Ideas flow more clearly and it’s so much easier for me to stick with my healthy lifestyle. Plus, there are so many fun outdoorsy things to do! Here’s what I packed for Colorado and what activities we’re doing while visiting!

What To Pack For Colorado

Depending on where you’re headed, your packing list might look different, but for many people, this Colorado packing list will be just perfect! for me, it’s all about comfort when we’re in the mountains. Aspen might be a fancier town, but the general vibe in Colorado is so casual and chill. My bag is filled with jeans, t-shirts, a few sweaters and a whole bunch of clothes for outdoor activities.

Because the weather changes so much from day to night, you need to make sure you bring the appropriate items for your different activities and the different temperatures.

Things To Do in Colorado During Summer

My favorite thing to do in the summer in Colorado is to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Hikes, white water rafting, biking, horseback riding, nature walks and more. It’s so beautiful during the summer months and it’s not incredibly humid, and the sun shines nearly everyday, making it ideal for all those outdoor activities.

Packing List For Colorado Summer

Hiking Clothes

My favorite summer activity when we’re in Colorado. If we went more often, it would probably be worth getting water resistant hiking boots, but for now, I just hike in sturdy sneakers. I always bring a backpack with sunscreen, a water bottle, my cell phone in case of emergencies or photo ops. I also like to pack a rain jacket—I can’t tell you how many times we start hiking and there’s not a cloud in the sky and 45 minutes later, it’s pouring!

If you’ll be hiking in high altitude areas or climbing to a higher altitude, make sure to bring layers. As you get higher into the mountains, the weather can change drastically and you might regret only wearing shorts and a tank top.

Casual Pieces

I rarely get dressed up when we’re in Colorado, even when we’re just going into town for the day to run errands, do some shopping and grab lunch. I packed denim shorts, like this pair I just got, and a bunch of comfy and cute tees. I love this one, this one and this one.

Light Layers

It can get really hot during the day, but as soon as the sun goes down, the temperature drops a lot—especially if you’re in the mountains! I always make sure to have lots of light layers. I always pack long pants even in the summer (I always get cold!). Usually that comes in the form of joggers or yoga pants that are super comfortable and casual. I always bring a light fleece too and end up wearing it just about every night! I also ordered this cute wrap top that’s perfect for layering over a crop top for lunch.


This might not be something you think of at first, but I always pack a swimsuit and flip flops. For one, they don’t take up much space, and two, we often hop in the hot tub at the end of a busy day of hiking. It’s so nice to get in there, relax and soak your sore muscles.

There’s also hot springs all over Colorado. It’s a fun and unique activity that we love doing every once and a while! It’s really relaxing and healing.

Casual Footwear

If you plan on doing some serious hikes, make sure to invest in a pair of hiking boots. Otherwise, pack your sneakers, flip flops and any other comfortable shoes you want. I actually end up bringing one pair of sneakers for hiking and another, cuter pair for walking around town since hiking sneakers typically get dusty in a hurry.

Accessories & Extras

The sun shines a lot in Colorado, so make sure you pack plenty of sunscreen. To keep your face protected, bring a hat and wear it whenever you’re doing outdoor activities. Sunglasses too! Consider bringing a backpack, extra batteries, headphones and a lightweight camera that easily fits into your bag.

Lastly, I always pack extra moisturizer and eye drops. The air is so dry and I find that my skin and eyes need more hydration.

Have you been to Colorado? What do you always pack? Do you get that same rush of relaxation when you land here and smell that fresh air?!

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