7 Things I Love About Snowy Winter Days

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There’s something about a gorgeous snowfall that gives me new appreciation for winter. I love its quiet stillness and crisp, cold air that I normally don’t care for! When the entire city is covered in a pretty blanket of fresh white powder—about a foot of it to be exact, it’s hard to not feel like a kid on Christmas day! It’s just so pretty!

Time seems to stand still, or at least move extra slow, on weekends like this and while we didn’t do much this weekend, we fully enjoyed every bit of it! I strangely even enjoyed digging our car out of the snow—twice—so I could make it to the gym for my first personal training session this afternoon! The only part I don’t like about snow days is a few days later when the snow is less white and more grey and dirty. Hopefully it melts soon!

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Things to Love About Snow Days

Mornings That Go On Forever

Is it just me or do mornings feel like they last forever on lazy weekend days? Maybe it’s because we wake up a lot earlier or that I’m still drinking coffee at 2pm. Either way, I love how long our mornings feel. Since we haven’t had many plans lately, it’s so nice knowing we don’t have to get up and rush around first thing when we wake up.

Snowy Brightness

One of the biggest downsides of winter is how dark and dreary it is, but after a big snowfall like we got this weekend, it’s surprisingly bright! The snow reflects and makes everything look cheerier, despite being 20 degrees outside.

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Family Time

This might be my favorite thing about cold winter weekends! We spend so much time hanging out together in the living room. We usually have a movie on in the background and we spend a lot of time playing with Owen. This weekend, he rolled over on his own for the first time! He seemed pretty surprised by it, but then did it again right after that!

Cozy Clothes

When I’m not wearing my robe, I’m wearing comfy stuff like this soft t-shirt and my favorite pair of jeans. These aren’t the warmest, but I’m not going outside anyway!

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Dinner at Home

We already eat more dinners at home on the weekends than we used to, but on cold nights when I know we’re not going anywhere, I love cooking a nice meal at home. After Owen is in bed, I love pouring myself a glass of wine and getting creative in the kitchen!

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A Clean Home

All the time spent indoors always get me motivated to tidy up a bit. I spent 20 minutes cleaning up on Sunday morning and the house looked so nice all day (minus the toys you can’t see in these pics). Having the dishes cleaned and place looking nice brings me so much joy—sometimes the little things make the biggest difference!

Early Bed Time

Maybe this is more of a parent thing, but getting to go to bed early and get a full night’s rest is seriously so amazing. Last week we started the “Moms on Call” method of getting Owen to sleep through the night. The first few nights he cried for 20-30 minutes a couple of times in the night, but by night four, he slept through the times he normally was waking up!

What do you love about snowy, cold winter weekends?

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