Fall Goals

How to Wear Plaid This Fall — via @TheFoxandShe

How to Wear Plaid This Fall — via @TheFoxandShe

Westfield Old Orchard Mall — via @TheFoxandShe

winter white, white after labor day — via @TheFoxandShe

plaid shirt — via @TheFoxandShe

Kate Spade store at Westfield Old Orchard Mall — via @TheFoxandShe

how to dress up plaid — via @TheFoxandShe

woven leather bag — via @TheFoxandShe

Westfield Old Orchard Mall — via @TheFoxandShe

plaid shirt and wool skirt — via @TheFoxandShe

You’re probably sick of hearing this so I promise this will be the last time, but work has been insane lately. Like busier than ever and I’m happy to say that I think I’ve just about crossed the finished line of that marathon. I haven’t been sleeping that well or exercising much, so the next few months are dedicated to finding a better work/life balance and just being okay with everything when I can’t check everything off my to do list.

So to kickstart that new initiative, I recently took a morning off and headed north to Westfield Old Orchard Mall for some shopping and relaxing. The mall is an easy 25-35 minute drive north of the city and on a cool, sunny fall day is pure perfection! I enjoyed walking around the outdoor mall, soaking up the sun and window shopping and loving the quietness of being outside of the city. I popped into the brand new Kate Spade store, which is gorgeous by the way, and came out with a new phone case and seriously contemplated this adorable fox clutch. They were stocked with cute little gifts that got my mind thinking about the holidays!

I popped into J.Crew after that and scooped up this perfect plaid boyshirt and a winter white wool skirt. I paired this fun fall combination with these booties from Madewell (also at the mall!) for this look above. It’s perfect for a casual day and comfortable! I love shirts like these, so maybe I’m biased.

If you make it out to the mall to do some shopping, stop by Forage + Craft for some drinks and snacks after shopping. It’s got a great outdoor patio and nice view. It’ll be open as long as the weather cooperates, so don’t wait!

So as I promised, I’m done talking about how busy I’ve been. I’m over it and it’s time to move on! How do you find balance in your life?

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