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12 Classic Closet Essentials That Look Expensive, But Won’t Break the Bank

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These classic closet essentials from Quince clothing all look expensive, but won’t ruin your budget.

If you love the simple elegance of brands like Jenni Kayne, but the prices run you off, get ready to be pleasantly surprised by this new-to-me brand, Quince. I first learned about them because IG served me up one of their ads featuring their cashmere fisherman sweater and I immediately stopped my scroll to check it out.

As you’ll see below, Quince clothing has pieces that are classic, timeless and quality too—just check the reviews on their site!

12 Closet Classics from Quince Clothing

Quince clothing favorites—clothing that looks expensive, but won't break the bank

1. Washable Silk Midi Dress, $129.90 | 2. Cropped Knit Sweater Tank, $34.90 | 3. Cashmere Sweatpants, $99.90 | 4. Twill Pants, $49.90 | 5. Cashmere Fisherman Sweater, $89.90 (Jenni Kayne look-a-like!) | 6. Quilted Crossbody, $129.90 | 7. 14K Gold Hoops, $99.90 | 8. Quilted Flap Bag, $129.90 | 9. Linen Shorts, $29.90 | 10. Chunky Bubble Ridge Hoop, $49.90 | 11. Jersey Tank Maxi Dress, $39.90 | 12. Washable Silk Skirt, $59.90

What I found was not just a cashmere sweater, but a whole slew of high-end classic wardrobe essentials—everything from cashmere to silk at jaw-dropping prices. That same fisherman sweater sells at other retailers for upwards of $350, but Quince had the same thing for just $89.90.

How could one not be intrigued?!

Building Blocks for Classic, Neutral Outfits from Quince Clothing

As I get older, I find that my own personal style is becoming more and more apparent. The things I’m reaching for day after day are my classic, comfortable pieces in mostly neutral colors that I can mix and match over and over again.

Honestly, it’s trending over to how I decorate our home too. I find that I keep leaning more towards simplicity and calm in just about all areas of my life. I guess two wild boys will do that to you!

Mornings with kids are already hectic enough, so having some sweaters and tops that look great and are also comfortable is essential. As much as I love my loungewear, getting dressed in something other than sweats does wonders for my confidence.

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Speaking of loungewear, these cashmere pom pom slippers that are under $50 are calling my name!

Dainty Gold Jewelry

Add in some simple gold jewelry and I’m set! I have my eye on this pair of chunky huggies, and these cool textured hoops since I just got my 3rd piercing. Anyone else love a good stack?

They also carry a men’s line, select (and very cute) pieces for babies and kids, as well as a home section that I’ve been swooning over.

Classic Home Decor

The home section isn’t just a few pieces either—bedding, bath, rugs, curtains and decor. Seriously, they’re so good, here’s just a little peek at some favorites and the bedding I’m eyeing for our guest bedroom refresh (our dog, Oliver, just ripped a hole in the current quilt—ugh, dogs!)

I’m looking forward to trying this brand soon and hope that you guys are as obsessed with the styles and prices as I am—it was such a good find to not share!

BTW, 14 loungewear outfits to copy that look chic, but are wildly comfortable, and 16 of the best Amazon workout clothes under $45.



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