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How this Simple Oil Cleansing Method Gives you Glowing, Balanced Skin

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Try this oil cleansing method for deeply cleansed skin that isn’t stripped of it’s natural oils and reset your skin’s natural balance for glowing, healthy skin.

How this Oil Cleansing Method gives you Glowing, Balanced Skin

As someone who has never had “perfect” skin, I am always open to trying anything that promises to help clear my skin, fade discoloration and give me that glow that some women seem to have so effortlessly.

I’d felt like I was in a bit of a rut with my skincare routine lately, and came across this tutorial for oil cleansing from Danna at Noy Skincare. Oil cleansing is not new to me, but I hadn’t tried her method before, and I was up for a challenge.

The good news is that it’s super easy and only requires two products that don’t break the bank. One, you’ll need this Living Libations Seabuckthorn oil, and two, you’ll need disposable cotton rounds. I realize that the disposable ones are not as eco-friendly, but she really warns against using reusable as they hold bacteria and don’t give you the same results.

Give your skin 7-10 days to ONLY use her oil cleansing method and don’t use any other skincare products. You’ll even use this oil for moisturizer until your skin feels reset. There’s a period where you might feel a little bit dry, but it’s all part of the process. For me, that only lasted a few days.

Once you’re done with the reset, you can continue using this as your cleansing method, and I love it. Honestly, it just feels so relaxing and more gentle and my skin continues to look healthier. I’ve added back in my retinoid and more moisture for night, but for the day, I still just use this method and it works wonderfully!

Watch the full tutorial on Danna’s YouTube channel here so you can make sure you’re doing it right!

How This Simple Oil Cleansing Method Gives you Glowing, Balanced Skin

Cleanses Deeply

When it comes to deeply cleansing our skin, oil is the absolute best cleanser. It gets deep into your pores and helps break up congestion, dirt and oil to really clear out the gunk. It doesn’t happen overnight, but with continued use, I’ve seen less and less congestion, especially around my nose, forehead and cheeks.

Helps Repair Your Moisture Barrier

Our skin naturally produces oil, but when we use harsh cleanser or toners, we strip our skin of all that good moisture. By using an oil cleanser, we’re able to help repair our skin’s natural moisture barrier and allow our skin to get back to it’s own happy place.

The truth is that our bodies and skin are designed to work correctly, and taking away that stripping cleanser allows it to get back to doing what it knows how to do it already.

This Oil Cleansing Method is Gentle

Unlike other foaming cleansers that can actually aggravate the skin and cause more sensitivity, this cleansing oil is incredibly gentle and works with your skin. This is why it’s great to use this for a skin reset when your skin is feeling particularly sensitive or you’re experiencing a breakout.

Heals Breakouts

When I first started using this oil cleansing method, I had a little breakout on my forehead. Within days, it was totally healed—I was blown away by how quickly this oil helped my body do it’s thing. It’s also amazing for acne as well because it nourishes the skin and allows it to heal faster.

It’s a Calming Practice

Lastly, this oil cleansing method feels freaking phenomenal. It’s like a mini face massage at the start and end of everyday. Massaging your face helps push excessive lymph fluid out of your face so that it looks less puffy and more even and bright.

Regular massaging with (clean) fingers or using a gua sha face tool can help with fine lines and breakouts as well!

I hope you try out this oil cleansing method soon to see how much it can change your skin!

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