Fall Bedroom Refresh

neutral bedroom

Topango Pillows | Quilt, similar on sale | Duvet Cover | JuJu Hat | Marble Lamps | Harper Bed

Lately, I’ve had a major itch to make some changes around our house. I feel like I always get like this when the seasons change. Do you?

I struggle with finding a balance of making our place feel like our own, but not going overboard and customizing too much since it’s still a rental. I would have loved to paint the walls, which I’m sure would have been fine with our landlord, but painting it time-consuming and a little pricey for a space we’ll likely only be in for another year tops.

I did that in some of our old places, but after our fifth move, honestly, I’d just had enough! So, for now, any updates we make are things we can take with us to the next place.

One of the quickest ways to update your space is pillows! Rob would disagree with the need of decorative pillows (your guy too?!), but I think they make such an impact and can totally change the look of your bedroom or living room or wherever you put them.

Serena and Lily just launched their Friends & Family Sale, which means you can get 20% off almost EVERYTHING! Woo hoo!! We just got these 24″ Topango pillows and I’m in love! They look so much more grown up than our last set-up and I just love it how it looks. So fresh and clean!

Friends & Family Picks

I’d still love to update our side tables because I’m not a big fan of what we have, and they feel a little short to me. These are gorgeous, something maybe worth saving for?!

Do you get the itch to change things up when fall hits? What area of your home do you want to update?

BTW, our guest bath refresh for under $125, and our living room reveal.

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