Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts She’ll Really Love

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Every year when we ask my mom what she wants for Mother’s Day, her response is something like this. “Oh, I don’t need anything, just a card!” and while I feel lucky that my mom is so easy-going, it’s fun to surprise her with something I know she’ll love. Since she really doesn’t need anything, I try to find something with some sentimental value that means more than a new handbag or summer dress, and this year I found the PERFECT gift. Well, gifts really. Let me explain.

Rob and I got married almost three years ago—it’s crazy how fast it flies by! After we got our wedding photos back, my mom mentioned numerous times how much she would love a wedding book to have at home. And, numerous times, I told her I’d make her one. But, here we are, three years later and she still doesn’t have a wedding book. I was cleaning out my desk the other day and found the thumb drive that holds all of our wedding photos and a light bulb went off! I’d finally make her that wedding book. The timing was perfect too, Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 14th. If you didn’t know that, go ahead and pencil that in—you’ll thank me later!

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I wasn’t exactly sure where to start, but Shutterfly made it super easy. They have a whole section for photo books that makes the process a total breeze! I uploaded the photos I wanted to use, selected the book style and size I wanted and started dropping in photos. There are several different styles to choose from, so I fit the one that fit the classic and traditional theme of our wedding which was Modern White. I thought the whole process would take me hours, and honestly is why I’d put it off for so long, but I was finished in less than an hour! It was so easy that I went ahead and made one for Rob’s mom too. If either of you moms are reading this, I’m sorry to ruin the surprise!

I even added on a few more fun, personalized items that I think will make my mom’s Mother’s Day extra special. The products all arrived last week and I had so much fun opening them up and browsing them before I send them off to their new owners. The quality of the books are amazing and now I’m dying to create another one for Rob and I to have for ourselves (yup, didn’t make us a wedding book either—oops). I mixed up the templates within the book so each page has it’s own unique look and layout and I can’t wait to hear my mom’s reaction when she opens it!

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Now for those extra items! There was one photo in particular of my mom and sisters that I absolutely loved. It catches us candidly loving on each other and it’s one of my favorites from the whole wedding weekend. I picked a bigger framed print which I know she’ll love! There were several frame options and sizes, but I stuck with a simple white frame to let the photo and emotion within it take center stage. Lastly, I made her a catch all tray, a small dish to keep on your side table or bathroom, with a picture of my bouquet for fun! It’s the perfect spot to store rings and jewelry while washing the dishes or while getting ready for bed.

I have to admit that this might be the most excited I’ve ever been for a Mother’s Day gift and I can’t wait for the day to arrive! Giving my mom something personal and meaningful is so much better than something she’ll forget about in a year. Personalized gifts like this will continue to bring her joy for years to come and help her remember a special time in all of our lives!

Do you get your mom gifts for Mother’s Day? What creative ideas have you had in the past?

Thanks to Shutterfly, a brand I love and trust, for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own!

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