Health & Happiness Challenge No. 9

Health & happiness challenge: how to stop complaining

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How’s everyone’s week going so far? Hopefully good! We’re doing as best as we can over here with little sleep and learning as we go. As any new mom will tell you, parenting is hard, newborns are tough, and exhaustion suddenly carries an all new meaning. Seriously, I didn’t know I could be this tired and still actually function as a human—our bodies are truly amazing, aren’t they?

But onto today’s challenge, one that I’ve been working hard to stick to, but have been falling a little short on so I thought why not make it this week’s challenge. Ready for it?

Health & Happiness Challenge No. 9

Stop Complaining

I do feel like I get a little bit of a grace period after having a baby, but when I stop and think about everything, my complaints are pretty lame. “I’m tired”, uhh, no sh*t Blair. Everyone knows it. Heck, you don’t even have to ask me how I’m doing to know that I’m exhausted, my face says it all and my unwashed hair and dirty clothes definitely aren’t doing me any favors. But, I had a little epiphany the other day. Yes, I am tired and likely will be for the next few months, but what’s the point in complaining about it? Does it make me feel better to complain? Not really. In fact, I think it actually allows me to sit in those negative feeling longer and let them ruminate. A little bit of complaining typically leads to more too, so this week I’m aiming to stop complaining. Or at least catch myself when I do.

Easier said than done, right?! True, but I’m finding that being more aware to what I say is making it easier to stop and when I feel a complaint about to slip off my tongue, I change my tune. Instead of focusing on all the hard and negative stuff, I’m trying to look at the positives. And right now, there are so many! Our family is growing, we’re all safe and healthy and we have amazing friends and family surrounding us—serious thank you all of you right now!

Whether or not you’re a new parent, complaining is something we all do, so let’s break that habit. Who’s with me?! What’s something you complain about on a regular basis? How can you change your attitude about it?

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