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8 Proven Immune System Boosters to Try This Season

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To keep your family healthy this year, consider these 8 supplements for immune support that have been proven to help prevent and heal illness.These natural immune system boosters are easy to find and can help your body stay healthy this season.

7 best supplements for immune support to keep your family well |

The human body has an amazing ability to heal itself when given the right tools. But sometimes our bodies need extra help in order to fight infections, recover from illness, and ward off disease. Especially during the fall and winter months when colds and viruses seem to run rampant. Our bodies aren’t getting as much time outdoors and natural sunlight which can make it easier for us to fall ill.

That’s where supplements come in.

I’m a big fan of eating healthy, exercising regularly and doing everything I can to support my body, but when winter hits, I find that having these supplements on hand helps keep me and my family healthy. You can incorporate many of these herbs and foods into your diet naturally to build up your immune system over time, and use these vitamins for an immune system boost when you need them. I find that when we do get sick, these can help speed up recovery time naturally.

But, it’s not just for when you’re sick, taking immune boosting supplements before you’re sick can help to prevent illness in the first place or shorten your illness because your body is prepped.

Before we dive in, I have to remind you that I am not a doctor and this information is simply educational. Before starting any supplement regimen, please consult your own doctor. Some supplements can interact with prescription drugs, so it’s best to talk with your own doctor first.

Why Try Natural Immune System Boosters?

There are so many medicines out there to help us once we’re sick, but there’s also so many things we can do to prevent illness in the first place. Focusing on eating immune system booster foods throughout the day or week can help build up protection within our body so that we’re less likely to get sick.

I personally like to avoid medication when necessary, so opting for a natural way to protect my body is a great way to better equip my body for fighting off germs.

Let’s talk about the best supplements, herbs and foods to consume to help you naturally boost your immune system.

8 Best Supplements for Immune Support to Keep your Family Well

Armra Colostrum Powder

You’ve likely heard of colostrum before, it’s the initial milk that comes in when a mom first has her baby, it’s nutrient-rich and incredibly beneficial for the baby. It’s often known as liquid gold because it’s just that good!

There’s a new supplement in the wellness world and while there’s been lots that make big promises, his is one I absolutely swear by—Armra Colostrum. Now you can take a colostrum supplement to get all those same benefits as babies do! It’s made from bovine colostrum which has been dried and turned into a powder that tastes like milk or cream.

I started this supplement a few months ago and have had incredible results. I haven’t been sick, despite my family getting sick around me (now we all take it!), it’s reduced bloating and it’s even helping my hair grow back, which has been incredible.

According to the National Institutes of Health, colostrum is 3x better at preventing the flu than the flu vaccine. THREE TIMES?! That makes this one of the most potent supplements for immune support on the market!

That’s a huge reason why I take this supplement every morning and night. If I’m feeling like I might be getting sick, I’ll take an extra dose mid-day. The good news is that you can’t really take too much of this—now, I’m not suggesting you down the whole jar in a day, but it’s not like other vitamins that can potentially make you sick or cause problems if you have too much.

You can get 15% off with my link here—I get the unflavored jar and just pour it straight into my mouth followed with a big swig of water!

Vitamin D3

The best way to get vitamin D3 is from a limited about of unprotected sun exposure—experts say we need about 5-30 minutes of sun exposure 2-3 days a week for our bodies to produce enough vitamin D3 to maintain optimal amounts. After that time period, it’s recommended to apply sunscreen to protect from skin cancer.

In some studies, high levels of vitamin D have been linked to less cancer, as well as higher cancer survival, and greater resistance to viruses.

But, in the winter, most of our skin is hidden by heavy clothing, or the sun is literally hiding in the clouds. If you’re wearing sunscreen everyday, this can make it even harder. When we don’t get enough vitamin D3, it can lead to depression, fatigue, low energy and even hair loss.

It makes perfect sense why I felt more down and lethargic in the winter while living in Chicago—it was grey nearly everyday in the winter.

That’s when a vitamin D3 supplement comes in handy. This is one of the best vitamins for an immune system boost and it’s easy to take. Just a couple of drops on your tongue each day that are basically tasteless.

There are many different types of vitamin D3 supplements on the market. The best vitamin D supplements also have K2 which helps with absorption. My functional medicine doctor recommended this to me years ago and it’s one I always keep stocked.


If you look at any over the counter cold medicine ingredients, you’ll probably notice that zinc is listed. So, why take zinc supplements? According to this article, zinc helps your immune system by activating enzymes that break down the protein in viruses, making it harder for them to spread.

You should take a zinc supplement for colds because they’re proven to shorten the length of a cold, especially when used when the symptoms first come on.

What zinc supplement is best? There’s not one single product that will be best, but always look for supplements from a trusted supplier. Here are a few that we use often in our home.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is probably one of the most well-known supplements for immune system support and another top vitamin for an immune system boost. Vitamin C helps to repair tissue, heal wounds and fights free radicals. Like zinc, vitamin C can potentially help shorten the length of a cold.

We immediately think of oranges when we think vitamin C, but there are lots of fruits and vegetables that have plenty of vitamin C. Try cantaloupe, broccoli, red cabbage and bell peppers, as well as citrus fruits.

When you’re short on vitamin C, a supplement can come in handy.

You can also naturally get vitamin C from citrus, so try an immune system booster juice like the one listed in this article.

Elderberry Supplement for Immune Support

Elderberry is a dark purple berry that is packed with antioxidants and vitamins. It’s been used for ages to naturally support the immune system and help fight off colds. It’s often found in either liquid or gummy versions, and is a great supplement for immune support for kids.

Often these elderberry supplements have zinc and vitamin C included in them, which makes them a great option to get in multiple supplements in one simple vitamin for immune support!

These are great for kids too because they taste good, and the gummies are easy for them to chew. Every morning my kids ask for their “grape gummy” which makes it easy and something they don’t wan to forget!

Echinacea Supplement

This lesser known supplement for immune support, echinacea, is a popular herbal remedy that’s been used for centuries. It’s often found in Chinese medicine and echinacea health benefits include preventing illness and help you heal faster when you do get sick.

Echinacea, derived from the purple coneflower plant, is widely acclaimed for its remarkable immune-boosting properties. Rich in bioactive compounds such as flavonoids, alkamides, and polysaccharides, Echinacea has been shown to stimulate the activity of immune cells, including macrophages and T-cells, enhancing the body’s defense mechanisms against infections.

Its ability to modulate the production of cytokines, the signaling molecules that regulate immune responses, further contributes to its efficacy in bolstering the immune system. Additionally, echinacea has been recognized for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which play a pivotal role in maintaining overall health.

You’ll often find it in tea form, liquid drops and pills. You see it combined with other supplements too. I’ve seen it in elderberry syrups before. Again, always check the labels to make sure you’re not taking too large of a dose.


Turmeric curcumin is known to help with inflammation in the body, and is another amazing herbal remedy. It is used in yellow curry and is known for warming up the body and the immune system. It’s an easy herb to add to your cooking, and a powerful one for your health.

That being said, it can be hard to get enough turmeric from eating foods that contain the spice, so taking a supplement can help you get more benefits from the spice.

Something else I’ve repeatedly heard over the years is to always pair turmeric supplements with black pepper as the black pepper helps the absorption of curcumin—by taking your turmeric with some black pepper, you increase the benefits. Most supplements already include the black pepper, so you don’t have to worry about that.

You can also make these homemade immunity shot, which I love and are a great supplement for immune system boost!

Propolis Supplements for Immune Support

Lastly, this supplement for immune system support is a newer one to me, but one we keep stocked in our cabinet now. Propolis is made by bees and fights bacteria, viruses and fungus and might even help heal skin according to this article. You can also mix the superfood honey into tea—just make sure it’s cooled down a bit to not destroy the healing properties.

At the first sign of a cold, spray this into your mouth and throat to help fight off illness. This one is great because my kids think that it’s fun to spray it in their mouth, so I don’t have to fight them to take it when they’re sick either.

Do note that if you are allergic to bees, do not consume!

The easiest way to stay healthy is preventative care. Eating a well-balanced diet with plenty of protein and fiber, getting plenty of good-quality sleep, and moving your body regularly are great places to sart. To give your body an extra boost, add in an immune support supplement to help ward off illnesses naturally.

I hope this list of the best natural supplements for immune system support empowers you to help keep you and your family healthy and happy this season!

BTW, 9 ways to stay healthy this winter, and how to develop a better relationship with food.



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