The Summer Dress Every Gal Needs

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Love of My Life Dress, wearing XS (also in blush, yellow, white and black) | Golden Goose Sneakers, wearing 39 (normally I wear 8.5-9) | Lips: Sunset (comes in a set with Boardwalk which is absolutely gorgeous too! I got them both at the conference) | Indio Sunglasses in Bashful Blush, also come in tortoise shell | Saddle Bag, also love this one and this one

Confession: I have this dress in two colors. Yep, it’s that good!

I pulled the black version out out of summer storage for our trip to Miami a few months ago (how has it already been that long?!) and as soon as I put it on I remembered how much I love it. I actually had it in this pretty blue color too, but somewhere in our last move, it got misplaced and I’ve never found it. When I saw that the brought back this color again, I instantly scooped it up!

This year, I’ve found that I shop less and less and when I do buy pieces, it’s because I’m totally obsessed with them.

I’d rather wear the same 10 pieces that make me feel amazing, than rotate between 50 pieces that I sort of like. Half the time, I end up wearing the same few pieces anyway, so why stock my closet with more stuff I don’t need?!

Maybe the inner Marie Kondo in me is coming out? Or, maybe I’m just getting older and realizing less truly is more.

Oh, and let’s be clear, if you’ve seen what our house looks like on a regular basis from my Instagram stories, you know my inner Marie Kondo has not made it to all areas of the home.

When I get dressed in the morning, I want to pull things from my closet that make me feel amazing. Why bother with the rest? I often wear other sweaters or jeans simply because I haven’t worn them in forever and feel the need to use them so I don’t feel bad about having them in my closet. Have you done this too?!

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Whenever I wear this dress, it transports me to a much calmer and care-free place. I no longer feel like I live in a frozen tundra, instead, I’m somewhere warm, near the ocean where the sun shines almost every day. The rush and hustle of city life fades into the background and everything feels easier.

Honestly, when I wear this dress it makes me envision my “perfect life”.

Quite frankly, it’s a vision that I keep in my mind, not because I’m always wishing we were somewhere else, but because it keeps me motivated and inspired to work hard. Our thought is that if we work hard now, we’ll be able to kick back and relax earlier! Well, that’s the plan at least, ha!

I still try to find as much balance as I can now, but ya know, kids, bills, rent, groceries, etc.—they all add up! So, as much as I’d love to kick back now, it’s not quite time.

And that’s okay! I have two sides to me, a little yin and yang if you will. One part of me loves the hustle—I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart and I have no problem working hard. I love creating things and building them and being able to make a positive impact on other people’s lives. The other side of me is more of a hermit. I want to be alone, in nature, feeling calm and grounded. That’s where I get inspired and feel my healthiest.

love of my life dress
golden goose sneakers
Is it crazy that something as simple as a dress can make me feel all these things?!

Hahaha, I sort of went on a tangent there…

Either way, it works for me and if something as simple as a dress can do that, I need to get busy replacing the rest of my closet with pieces that give me the same feeling.

I also love this dress because it’s versatile—all I need to do is switch out my shoes and bag and maybe a few accessories and I’m ready for a totally different activity. Which is what I’m doing in this post. If you need a little boost, I hope this dress does it for you too and if you do get it, here’s a few fun ways to wear it!

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3 Ways to Wear this Dress

Mom-ing at the Park

Most of the time, I’m on mom duty, so this is how I’m wearing this dress. Paired with white sneakers and my diaper bag. One of the reasons I picked this diaper bag was because it doesn’t look like a diaper bag in the traditional sense. I also love that it’s brown leather (easily my favorite bag color) and that it’s a backpack so I can be hands-free. The only tough part is that it has a low V in the front, so wearing a pretty lacy bralette like this one underneath might be a good idea so you don’t bend over and flash the children. I just wear nipple covers—perks of being small chested!

Lunch with your Girlfriends

This is something I need to make happen more often. My aunt sent me an article not too long ago about how there was a study done that proved that women needed two outings with their girlfriends a week to be at their best. I mean, the perfect excuse to get brunch, drinks or coffee with friends, right?! It’s for our health!! I’d pair this dress with these mules! I love them so much and find any excuse to wear them, lunch is a perfect one!

Date on a Patio

One of the best things about the warm months in Chicago are all the sidewalk patios that pop up. It’s one of my favorite dates because I get to be outdoors and spending quality time with my love. A simple pair of heels or wedges and a small crossbody bag are perfect. You need just enough space for your phone, wallet, and lipstick!

leather bag
summer outfit

If you’re on the hunt for a new favorite spring and summer dress, this one doesn’t disappoint! Clearly, I’m in love with it and I’m considering getting it in another color—the blush is gorgeous in person—is that dumb?! Now, if only spring and summer could hurry up a bit so I can wear this beauty out of the house instead of only when I’m in Arizona!

BTW, what my days look like as a working mom, and the cutest pink gingham midi dress.

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