How Old Are Your Bras, Really?

ThirdLove bra review

Let me ask you something. How old are your bras? Hmm….what’s that? Oh, you don’t know?

It’s okay, me neither.

What I do know is that it’s been a long time since I thought about updating that part of my wardrobe. I don’t have any good excuse either, but I’d been overlooking one of the foundational pieces in every outfit for far too long. I finally took a look at my limp and lifeless grandma-bras and decided it was time to start the hunt for new ones.

One of the biggest reasons I’ve avoided bra shopping is because I’ve never had a good experience. I always get pushed on a bra that’s not quite the right size or convinced by a sales lady that the band is suppose to be that tight around my chest. Really? I didn’t think bras were suppose to cause physical pain. What I’ve learned through my bad bra-shopping experiences is that bras are personal, and shopping for them should be too. It’s not as simple as trying on a dress and instantly knowing whether or not you’re going to love it. No, a bra has to be lived in for you to really decide if it feels right, ya know?

Enter ThirdLove. You guys may have already heard of the brand, but if not, I’ll give you a brief explanation. They’re based online and have a fit finder that helps you find your ideal size before you buy. Once your bras arrive, you can try them FREE for up to 30 days (yes, you can take the tags off) just to make sure you really love them. If it doesn’t fit, you simply return it and try a different style or size that works for you. How awesome is that?

ThirdLove bras

tshirt bras

It gave me such peace of mind knowing that if the bra didn’t fit right or I didn’t like the color, I wouldn’t be stuck with it and out of cash. Thankfully, that didn’t happen and I ended up with three new bras I totally love. The best part? I can finally retire my ole granny bras, which is good, because the elastic gave out a long time ago.

I stocked up on ThirdLove’s t-shirt bras and these have definitely been my most worn so far. Not that I wear t-shirts that often, but they’re comfortable and look amazing under just about any top. You already know that my style is pretty casual, and this bra has been absolutely perfect for everyday wear. I got a basic nude-colored bra to go under white and lighter tops, and also got this gorgeous navy lace t-shirt bra! Honestly, I couldn’t resist—it was too beautiful! I love that even though it’s a casual bra, this one has pretty details that make you feel a little bit fancier!

my experience with ThirdLove

navy lace bra
lacy bra

The third bra I got was their push-up bra, because date night happens once a week and why not flaunt what I’ve got (even if it isn’t much!). This bra looks completely seamless under anything and gives me a little extra curve that makes me feel beautiful and sexy on date night! I also love the rosy brown color of this one—so sultry.

I’m looking forward to trying more of their bras in the future and have my eyes on the wireless bra! I love a good wireless bra for hanging around on the weekends or running errands. If you’re in the market for a new bra, definitely check out ThirdLove—they’ve got a wide variety of styles, colors and sizes (even half cup sizes—how cool is that?!) and you can be confident that you’ll end up with a bra you completely love!

So, tell me, when was the last time you bought yourself a new bra? Do you have any bras that you love? And, have you tried ThirdLove before?!

BTW, t-shirt dresses under $80, and a perfectly Parisian look.

Thanks to ThirdLove, a brand I love and trust, for sponsoring this post. Partnerships like this make The Fox & She possible!

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